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Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Age 70s
Occupation Retired
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Renée Taylor

Gloria is Gayle & Linda's mother, wife of Al, the grandmother of Tina, Gene & Louise and Bob's mother-in-law.

Bob doesn’t like her very much and he tries to hide from her when she and her husband, Al, come to visit. Bob hates the sound of Gloria's voice and the things she says. However, she has a lot of respect for Bob and Linda, saying that they’re good parents. She’s seen to be the stereotypical nagging, controlling mother-in-law; the source of misery for everyone around her; the type who dominates most conversations to the point that people run away from her before she talks.

Her only appearances to date are in "Crawl Space", "It Snakes a Village" & "Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas". She’s mentioned in "Sacred Cow", "Ain't Miss Debatin'", "The Secret Ceramics Room of Secrets", "If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marionette?", "Now We're Not Cooking with Gas", "All That Gene" & “Poops!… I Didn't Do It Again”.



Gloria has tan skin, black glasses and gray hair. Her normal outfit is a light pink shirt.



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