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Go read your maxim!
- Gloria Genarro

Gloria Genarro (née Rinaldi) (also known as Grandma Gloria and Gram-Gram by her grandchildren) is the wife of Al Genarro. She's the mother of Linda Belcher and Gayle Genarro and the grandmother of Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher. She's also Bob Belcher's mother-in-law, who doesn't enjoy her or the rest of her family that much. She first gets mentioned in "Human Flesh" before she makes an actual appearance in "Crawl Space" with her husband.

She is voiced by Renée Taylor.



Gloria has tan skin, black glasses and gray hair. Her normal outfit is a light pink shirt.


Gloria is an overall abrasive and unpleasant person who is frequently demanding of her daughter Linda. While having occasional flashes of being good, such as when she stopped Frond from calling child services due to a misunderstanding, most of the time, she is not.

Gloria isn't someone to sit idly. She takes an active role in her life. An example is how Gloria tried to end the family feud between her mom and her mom's siblings that started before Gloria was alive by inviting her estranged relatives to her wedding. However, at the wedding, when her cousin Lorraine Parcone arrives in a wedding dress to her marriage, she spills wine in Lorraine's dress and punches Lorraine in the back ("Sauce Side Story"). Gloria also signed her and Al up to a retirement community with only swingers. ("It Snakes a Village")

Gloria is unreasonably demanding of her daughter and family, such as making them drive and walk around the airport for such things as medical cream and denying a charger she took without asking was taken by her. Gloria doesn't seem to understand how her children behave. She didn't believe Gayle would hide herself in their ottoman for a prank, even though Gayle has demonstrated behavior in the series that proves she would. ("Have Yourself a Maily Linda Christmas")



Al Genarro[]

Linda Belcher[]

When Linda was as young as Louise and lived with Gloria, the mother-daughter pair spent time together in "mother-daughter bonding times," doing things like giving each other's makeovers ("Spaghetti Western and Meatballs").

Gayle Genarro[]

Bob Belcher[]

Bob doesn't like her and tries hiding from her when she and her husband, Al, visit. Bob hates the sound of Gloria's voice and what she says, especially when she takes advantage of Linda or becomes overly critical of how he and Linda raise their family. However, she has a lot of respect for Bob and Linda, saying they're good parents.

The Belcher kids[]

Lorraine Parcone[]

In the few instances shown and mentioned, Gloria has a bad relationship with her cousin Lorraine, stemming from an incident at Gloria's wedding. Lorraine wore a white wedding dress in seeming mockery and attention, which Gloria responded to with pouring punch down and then punching her cousin in the back, and further trying to attack her, had her husband Al not restrained her. The two, being from different sides of the family's decades-long feud, have not spoken since ("Sauce Side Story").



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