Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Biker
Relatives Unnamed child
Behind the scenes
First "Roamin' Bob-iday"
Voiced by Brooke Dillman

Goldie is a friend of Mudflap and a member of the biker gang the Easy Beavers.


In "Roamin' Bob-iday," Mudflap asks the Belchers (except Bob who had been forced to take the day off) to throw Goldie, who is heavily pregnant, a last minute surprise baby shower. When Goldie arrives to the restaurant Linda, the kids and the women from the One Eyed Snakes and Easy Beavers gangs scream surprise, causing Goldie to instinctively pull out a switch blade and then break down crying when she realizes what is going on.

Goldie reluctantly goes through with the baby shower until she is forced to reveal that she had been in labor for the last 24 hours when the pain becomes too much as she doesn't feel ready to have a child until Linda and Mudflap comfort her by confessing that they too weren't ready for their own children and gives birth to her baby in the restaurant.


  • She hates losing as shown when she became aggressive towards Linda after losing a game at her baby shower.
  • She gave Linda the nickname "Two Boobs".
  • She gave birth standing up by the stools at Bob's Burgers.
  • She is the second woman to give birth at Bob's Burgers.
  • The gender of her child was not revealed.


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