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Grover Fischoeder is Calvin and Felix Fischoeder's cousin who is a lawyer. He first appears in "Roamin' Bob-iday," when he is shown operating a social club that hosts animal strength contests (namely snail wrestling).

Grover appears again in "Copa-Bob-bana." He is the main antagonist in The Bob's Burgers Movie.



Grover Fischoeder is a slender man appearing to be in his thirties or forties, with peach skin, curly light-brown hair, bags under his eyes. He wears large round-rimmed glasses and outfits that primarily feature the color pink, such as a suit or workout clothes.

He seems to have undergone a slight design change between Season 9 and Season 11, as he has laugh lines in his first appearance which are not present in later episodes.


Six years before the present events of The Bob's Burgers Movie, Grover murdered Wonder Wharf carnie Cotton Candy Dan, gaining a bite mark scar on his arm in the process. He prepared to hide his body in a dirt pile up the street to frame his cousin Calvin. However, an inattentive bulldozer operator pushed the dirt into a hole dug for sewer maintenance in front of Bob's Burgers, and the body was not found for years, postponing his plans.

Season 9[]

"Roamin' Bob-iday"[]

In "Roamin' Bob-iday," Bob Belcher's family kicks him and locks him out of Bob's Burgers one day because of his burnout, so he finds Calvin Fischoeder to unlock the restaurant for him. However, he ends up on a ride with his landlord, and the two arrive at an underground snail wrestling club where Grover and Felix Fischoeder are present. Calvin tries to entice Bob to buy in and bet, while Grover tries to get Bob to sign waiver forms before he refuses and walks off.

Season 11[]


As Felix attempts to open and run his nightclub "Jazz-aret" in "Copa-Bob-bana," Grover keeps ordering changes for legal reasons, such as not putting lampshades on candles to prevent fires and not knocking down a wall for a nook, as it has raw sewage pipes. He laughs with Calvin at Felix's behavior, asking if they're only humoring Felix before he gets bored because Calvin wants to sing. The two reveal to Bob that the nightclub is a fake and that they are humoring Felix.

The Bob's Burgers Movie[]

In The Bob's Burgers Movie, Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher trick Sergeant Bosco into giving them information about Cotton Candy Dan's murder case, and he tells them that there was a cufflink with a banana wearing a graduation hat present near his body. They suspect Felix is the murderer, so they go to his treehouse to try and find the other cufflink. However, they follow Felix to the Orchestramaramatorium, where Grover and Calvin arrive.

While looking at the paintings, Louise sees that Grover was wearing banana cufflinks in one of them and also realizes that Grover has an identical tooth mark on the bite mark on his arm that matches the unusual tooth she kept as a souvenir from falling into the sinkhole Cotton Candy Dan got buried into. Grover realizes that Louise knows about him and takes out the harpoon of the shooting gallery in the hangout and holds his cousins and the Belcher children hostage with it.

Linda and Bob end up finding the hideout, and he has them as hostages as well. He reveals that he killed Cotton Candy Dan and tried to frame Calvin for it for his mega park dream and to get all the money from the Fischoeder Family Trust.

He and the Belchers later have a car chase starting from beneath the pier, and he ends up burying the family alive in the sinkhole in front of their restaurant. He returns to the Orchestramaramatorium to launch his cousins into the sea and ignite a fuse that could destroy Wonder Wharf.

The Belchers escape from the sinkhole, and Louise stops the fuse. The police rescue Calvin and Felix, and Louise calls Bosco to arrest Grover, knowing where he is when he told her about his plan.

Season 14[]

"Jade in the Shade"[]

Linda indirectly mentions him in "Jade in the Shade," commenting that the place beneath the pier is better when "nobody is chasing you around and trying to kill you," before concluding that all other areas are probably like that.


Season 9[]

Season 11[]

Season 14[]




  1. Calvin and Felix only reveal that Baxter is their cousin, and it's unknown what he is to Grover. However, given that Grover and Baxters are first cousins with Calvin and Felix, it would make Baxter his brother or his cousin.


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