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Season 4[]

"Slumber Party"[]

Harley first appears in the episode, "Slumber Party," as a guest invited to Louise's sleepover by Linda. Later, while watching a movie, Louise tells Harley that Gene has a twin in the basement that will attack her if she blinks. Scared by this, she elects to go home.

Season 6[]

"House of 1000 Bounces"[]

In "House of 1000 Bounces," Harley attends Regular Sized Rudy's birthday party.

Season 8[]

"The Hurt Soccer"[]

Season 10[]

"Motor, She Boat"[]

"Motor, She Boat" reveals that Harley is a member of Thundergirls's Troop 119. She takes part in the Father-Daughter cardboard boat race with her father.

"A Fish Called Tina"[]

"Poops!… I Didn't Do It Again"[]

"Prank You for Being a Friend"[]

Season 11[]

"Y Tu Tina También"[]

Season 12[]

"Crystal Mess"[]

"Touch of Eval(uations)"[]

"Ancient Misbehavin'"[]

The Bob's Burgers Movie[]

Season 13[]

"Apple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory)"[]

"The Plight Before Christmas"[]

"Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang"[]

"Stop! Or My Mom Will Sleuth!"[]

"The Show (and Tell) Must Go On"[]

In "The Plight Before Christmas," Harley dresses as a candle for a play. However, she wanted Tina's star costume. When Tina sneaks out, Tina gets Harley to dress up as the star. When Linda discovers her daughter isn't in the star costume, Linda unmasks Harley and interrogates her by shaking her. Harley tells her it was Tina's idea, and Linda realizes Tina went to Louise's poetry reading.


Season 14[]

"Fight at the Not Okay Chore-ral"[]