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You are in direct violation of my wife, Bob.
- Harold Cranwinkle

Harold Cranwinkle is the elderly co-owner of Reflections, an art sales, supplies, and lessons store, with his wife, Edith Cranwinkle. He serves as an unthreatening bodyguard to Edith, mainly from Bob Belcher. He and his wife make their first appearance in "Art Crawl."

He is voiced by Sam Seder.




While Harold is not as brash or outspoken as Edith, he nevertheless can be pushy and gets irritated easily around customers who overstay their welcome. He can be blunt, such as openly calling Bob "chubbs" and is not afraid about getting into arguments with others, including 9-year-old Louise.



Edith Cranwinkle[]

Harold's wife and business partner. She is more aggressive and dominating in comparison to her husband, although the two frequently get annoyed with people around them. Edith has shown to get annoyed with Harold easily, such as when Harold requested a glass of water from Bob or when he was reluctant to climb a ladder out of fear of getting a heart attack. Edith seems to think Harold exaggerates too much, such as dismissing a stroke he had previously.


The Belchers[]


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