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Hawk and Chick is a Japanese samurai film series that Bob and Louise enjoy watching together. Fourteen films total were made starring the ronin father-daughter team of Shinji Kojima and his daughter Yuki as wandering barbers and their frequent encounters with giant monsters. The films stopped producing after Kojima divorced his wife ("Hawk & Chick").


Rising Hawk[]


Played by Shinji Kojima, Hawk is a samurai barber. He is voiced by Keisuke Hoashi.



Played by Yuki Kojima, Chick is Hawk's daughter. She is voiced by Suzy Nakamura.

Known Films[]

  • Hawk & Chick vs Jellyfish Monster
  • Hawk & Chick vs. Seaweed Monster
  • Hawk & Chick vs. 6-Headed Geisha
  • Hawk & Chick vs. Tsukumogami
  • Hawk & Chick vs. Sharkman
  • Hawk & Chick vs. Giant Scorpion
  • Hawk & Chick Vs Giant Butterfly
  • Hawk & Chick vs. Snow Monster
  • Hawk & Chick Vs Sticky Rice Monster
  • Hawk & Chick Vs Six-Headed Sumo
  • Hawk & Chick vs. Cephalopod Monster(Also available in a "Final Slice" director's cut on DVD, featuring restored scenes with Itsuki Sugimoto)
  • Hawk & Chick: The Final Battle

2 films are unaccounted for. Possibly not translated/subtitled into English.