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Hawk and Chick is a Japanese samurai film series that Bob and Louise enjoy watching together. Fourteen films total were made starring the ronin father-daughter team of Shinji Kojima and his daughter Yuki as wandering barbers during Japan's Era of Warring States(1467-1603) and their frequent encounters with giant monsters. The series started some time in the late 70's and stopped abruptly in 1985 after Kojima divorced his wife and no new films have been made since.

The series is a parody of real-life Samurai film series Lone Wolf and Cub.

Rising Hawk


Played by Shinji Kojima, Hawk is a samurai barber. He is voiced by Keisuke Hoashi.



Played by Yuki Kojima, Chick is Hawk's daughter.

Known Films

Hawk & Chick vs Jellyfish Monster
Hawk & Chick vs. Seaweed Monster
Hawk & Chick vs. 6-Headed Geisha
Hawk & Chick vs. Tsukumogami
Hawk & Chick vs. Sharkman
Hawk & Chick vs. Giant Scorpion
Hawk & Chick Vs Giant Butterfly
Hawk & Chick vs. Snow Monster
Hawk & Chick Vs Sticky Rice Monster
Hawk & Chick Vs Six-Headed Sumo
Hawk & Chick vs. Cephalopod Monster
Hawk & Chick: The Final Battle

2 films unaccounted for. Possibly not translated/subtitled into English.