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You take your dirty children and get the hell out!
- Helen

Helen is a character who first appears in "Housetrap." She is the widow of Larry Goodwin, whom the Belchers believe she murdered for his money. She makes her first appearance in "Housetrap" and her only other appearance in "The Helen Hunt."

She is voiced by Kaitlin Olson.




Teddy describes Helen as the "sweetest little thing." Her hospitality appears to be second to none as she offers Bob Belcher painkillers and makes hot chocolate for all of them. She doesn't appear to be at all annoyed with the Belchers entering her beach house without permission, but she does occasionally show hostility towards the Belchers after finding out about the murder conspiracy centering around her. She mentions how she used to take a lot of painkillers, implying she was an addict. She took painkillers while she was preparing some for Bob, ultimately leading to his befuddled and drunken-like behavior for the remainder of their stay. She also does not care for other safety as when Teddy is clinging onto an elevator shaft she simply leaves him behind forcing Linda Belcher to help him while she retrieves a valuable netsuke ("The Helen Hunt").

In-between her first and second appearance, her demeanor has changed substantially. She is not as friendly as she was before and her sole focus is on the netsuke, likely to sell it. She shows bitterness towards her deceased husband Larry and sees Teddy and the Belchers' as pawns rather than friends wanting to help out.


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Larry Goodwin[]

She was married to a clock magnate named Larry Goodwin. She was his second wife, and Linda and Louise believe that she is a home wrecker, meaning her being in Larry's life led to him leaving his first wife (additionally, Teddy sings "homewrecking" in the end credits of "Housetrap"). Larry and Helen enjoyed an activity-filled life together, including camping, skiing, and mountain climbing. He died after falling off the widow's walk on top of the house and onto the decorative boulders at the bottom while she watched from the rose garden. The police considered it an accident, believing the railings had come loose. However, Helen implies that the police heavily interrogated her about her involvement in Larry's death, and Linda theorizes that she loosened the railings of the widow's walk to kill Larry and obtain his clock fortune. Not to mention, the boulders weren't always there, and Helen was the one who got them there.

In "The Helen Hunt," Helen maintains that Larry's death was an accident, revealing that he wasn't a good climber, describing him as a "total klutz." She later reveals that he left everything to charity, except for the beach house and properties in New York and Aspen, meaning it wasn't likely a potential motive. Additionally, Bob later finds an old toolbox buried with a hammer and two nails, even though Teddy stated earlier that she didn't have tools. That implies that Helen did indeed kill Larry by loosening the railings, but since Bob was under the effects of painkillers, he saw it as Helen pretending not to have tools so that Teddy would work for her.

She controlled all of Larry's interests and hobbies, and she mentioned that she would be the one to take Larry mountain climbing as he was not used to it ("Housetrap"). In addition, she prohibited him from having certain recreational items in the beach home, such as baseball gloves and games, causing Larry to rent out an apartment in the apartment building he owned ("The Helen Hunt").



Helen hires Teddy to maintain her vacation home, which is what leads to the Belchers volunteering to move the lawn furniture. They accidentally break into the house out of curiosity. Teddy & Helen have a friendly relationship, which includes drinking tea on the deck. During the episode, Teddy begins to think that Helen likes him. At the end of the episode, Teddy falls off the roof after describing Helen in a positive way. She is taken by this and when he and the Belchers leave, Linda suggests that both of them visit Bob's Burgers for a meal on the house.

Helen returns in "The Helen Hunt" where she gets Teddy to help her search for a hidden netsuke of two snails intertwined. Helen later retrieves it and makes a run for it after refusing to help Teddy who is in danger or give Louise her reward for finding it. While running away, she trips on a loose step and drops the figure which then gets destroyed by a stray cat running around the building.

The Belchers[]




  1. Bob was on pain medications and forgot Helen's name.


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