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Season 5[]

"Father of the Bob"[]

In "Father of the Bob," Bob Belcher and his family come to Big Bob's Diner for Big Bob's Christmas party. Since Big Bob is understaffed, Linda Belcher starts serving the tables and forces her husband to help Big Bob in the kitchen. Linda takes Henry's order when serving the tables and tells the kitchen he wants "the usual." Bob gets flooded with memories, remembering when he made Henry the "Baby You Can Chive My Car Burger" for Henry, which his father threw away and never let Henry try. Bob and his father start competing and fighting in the kitchen, trying to cook Henry's meal first—Bob cooking his burger and Big Bob cooking his tuna melt (Henry's usual). Once they finish, the father-son pair rush out of the kitchen and put it in front of Henry. Henry tries resisting Bob's burger but can't and enjoys it, which Bob mocks his father about.