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Season 3[]

"Mutiny on the Windbreaker"[]

In "Mutiny on the Windbreaker," Gene Belcher attends a performance on the Windbreaker of Herman's show and ends up falling for Marilyn despite the fact that she is just a puppet. He meets them after the show. Herman later sees Gene at dinner and realizes that the Belchers have a VIP card with them. He decides to con Gene out of $100 claiming that Marilyn needs it for some new headshots. Gene proceeds to find $100, but fails to do so.

Gene later sees one of Marilyn's eyes fall off when Herman goes over to a fern pot to vomit after eating the rotten Oyster Onassis. Gene goes and retrieves the eye but tells Marilyn he couldn't find the money. Herman then reveals that it was just a scam and (as Marilyn) tells Gene that he deserves better than her. He also tells Gene to take the eye as he has plenty more. Gene then starts using the eye on his hand to perform as Marilyn.