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Season 4[]

"Bob and Deliver"[]

Hildy first appears in "Bob and Deliver" where Bob Belcher asks if she can lend him an egg. She is very stubborn towards lending any food to him and instead gives him the finger several times. Later, she spots that Bob is operating a Home Ec-staurant in the classroom in violation with Caf-Co's contract with the school. She alerts Bob to Mr. Platt's attention which leads to the Home Ec-staurant being shut down. After Bob attempts to revive the restaurant when the students rebel à la Dead Poet's Society, she, Mr. Platt and Phillip Frond attempt to stop them, but are unsuccessful.

Season 5[]

"The Runway Club"[]

Mr. Frond mentions her in "The Runway Club."

Season 6[]

"Sexy Dance Healing"[]

Hildy next appears in "Sexy Dance Healing" where Gene Belcher threatens her with a lawsuit if she doesn't give him extra taco fillings.

Season 7[]

"Bob Actually"[]

In "Bob Actually," Hildy isn't at work, so Isabella substitutes for her.