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Season 5[]

"The Millie-churian Candidate"[]

In "The Millie-Churian Candidate," Hogarth Haber assists his brother, Henry Haber, in succeeding in his bid to be student body president by relaying him of Louise Belcher's disdain about Millie Frock naming the class pet Princess Little Piddles.

Season 9[]

"UFO No You Didn't"[]

Henry mentions Hogarth in "UFO No You Didn't."

Season 12[]

"Sleeping with the Frenemy"[]

In "Sleeping with the Frenemy," Peter Pescadero mentions that he sold Hogarth a tooth to use to test whether soda can dissolve it. Peter was going to give the tooth to Gene Belcher, but got a better deal from Hogarth.