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  • He has had his mugshot taken. ("Ear-sy Rider")
  • Horny Dave got a vasectomy in 1995. ("Ear-sy Rider")
  • He and Mudflap were lovers. ("Ear-sy Rider")
  • It is unknown what he thought of his girlfriend sleeping and getting pregnant with Critter's child since there is no mention of them breaking up. Horny Dave had a vasectomy in 1995, and Mudflap was heavily pregnant by the time Horny Dave died. Nobody knew the baby's real father until Mudflap revealed it after giving birth.
  • The banner above his casket in "Ear-sy Rider" stated, "R.I.P. HORNY DAVE GOD GAVE YOU A HALO CUZ HE COULDN'T MAKE YOU WEAR A HELMET."
  • His favorite song is over 21 minutes long. It was played at his funeral. ("Ear-sy Rider")