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I'm the health inspector... the burger joint's natural enemy.
- Hugo Habercore

Hugo Habercore is the health inspector of Seymour's Bay. He's also the ex-fiancé of Linda Belcher. Hugo's policy is strict, but he's especially harsh on Bob's Burgers because Linda left him for Bob Belcher. Hugo works with Ron, and they appear in both pilot episodes: "The Demo" & "Human Flesh."

He is voiced by Sam Seder.



Hugo appears to be a middle-aged, overweight, and short man with blond hair and large bangs covering the left side of his forehead, pale skin and a cleft chin. He wears a white shirt with a right breast pocket, blue necktie and gray pants along with black shoes. "Sliding Bobs" reveals that he's 5'5.


Hugo takes his job as a health inspector very seriously, believing himself to be the frontline between people and unsafe food ("Are You There Bob? It's Me, Birthday").

Hugo and Linda were briefly engaged before Linda dumped Hugo for Bob via a rap on his answering machine ("Ain't Miss Debatin'"). Hugo still holds a strong torch for Linda, and for this reason he sees Bob as an intense rival, and is frequently trying to shut down Bob's Burgers.

Hugo's dislike for Bob manifests as nit-picky health code violations and frequent surprise inspections of Bob's Burgers, but also compelling Bob into wild situations like conducting a sting operation on a meat supplier ("They Serve Horses, Don't They?") or riding along on a raunchy health inspection ("Are You There Bob? It's Me, Birthday").

Because he‘s still single and hung up on Linda, Hugo considers himself sad and lonely, despite the loyal companionship of his ever-neglected partner, Ron.


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Love interests[]

Linda Belcher[]

Hugo and Linda were previously engaged before the latter met Bob, however it was for four days and they never actually went as far as seeing each other naked; it is implied Linda's parents set them due to his dishwashing skills, but she also admits he was a good kisser at one point.("Human Flesh") Despite this, he still has a desire for Linda, which is not reciprocated in any way, and he does not seem to realize this. This has often turned into petty resentment directed at Bob. On one occasion; in order to go along with Linda's plan to get Bob out of the apartment to plan a birthday party, Hugo said he would only do so if Linda called his parents to ask if he is still single, which irritated Linda and Ron; despite this, he did follow through on his promise.("Are You There Bob? It's Me, Birthday") While Linda is more pleasant and friendly to Hugo than Bob is, she nevertheless makes it clear that she's not interested in him and gets annoyed easily whenever he shows up at the restaurant.


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The other Belchers[]



Tommy Jaronda[]

Although Hugo never appears interacting with Tommy Jaronda in "Nude Beach," he disagreed with Tommy's actions, and he's the reason why Hugo came back to work as a health inspector.


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