Bob's Burgers character
Hugo Habercore
Hugo Habercore
Gender Male
Hair Blond
Age 49
Occupation City Health Inspector
Behind the scenes
First "Human Flesh"
Voiced by Sam Seder
I'm the health inspector...the burger joint's natural enemy.
— Hugo

Hugo Habercore is the health inspector who tries to put Bob's Burgers out of business in Human Flesh. He is a main antagonist of the show.

He and his partner Ron show up at Bob's Burgers because of a rumor about their burgers containing human flesh, which was started by Louise. Hugo is an old flame of Linda's and they were even engaged before Linda dumped Hugo for Bob. In Weekend at Mort's, Hugo shuts down Bob's Burgers to fumigate the mold. He also shows that he is good friends with Bob's rival, Jimmy Pesto.

In Lobsterfest, Bob becomes Hugo's wingman and helps him seduce Gretchen. When Bob falls into the butter, Hugo saves Bob from an angry mob by testing the butter for contaminants. Hugo declares the butter safe for consumption, saving Bob from the crowd. However, at the end of the episode, Bob and Hugo are in conflict again, and it is revealed Gretchen dumped Hugo.

Hugo made a brief cameo appearance in Bob Day Afternoon. He appeared in the crowd surrounding First Oceanside Savings Bank during the armed robbery. He also had only one speaking appearance in Season 2 during the episode Beefsquatch. In The Deepening, Hugo receives a bigger antagonistic role when Bob tries to stop the mechanical shark from destroying the town. He briefly quit his job and became a nudist in Nude Beach.

In Speakeasy Rider, Hugo suspects that Bob and Linda are serving home brewed beer because the restaurant smells "yeasty". He inspects the restaurant several times during the episode to try to catch them in the act.

In the Itty Bitty Ditty Committee, Hugo surprises the Belchers with a surprise inspection. He notices Linda's armpit hair and orders her to wear hair pit nets.

In They Serve Horses, Don't They?, Hugo forces Bob to help him expose Jack Conway, who is illegally selling horse meat to local restaurants.


  • His last name is Habercore, according to Human Flesh during the scene where it shows Hugo on the news
  • Hugo's "CITY HEALTH INSPECTOR" badge is different in The Demo than in the regular series. (see gallery below)
  • According to Linda, Hugo was a very good kisser and her parents liked him because he always did the dishes.
  • Hugo doesn't make any appearances in Season 4.
  • Hugo is the Grand Marshall of "Lobsterfest".
  • Hugo is lactose intolerant "The Deepening".
  • Hugo is Quadrant Captain "The Deepening".
  • In Sliding Bob's, Hugo and Linda's anniversary is May 5th.

Memorable quotes

  • "I'm the health inspector...the burger joint's natural enemy."


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