Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Occupation Crossing guard
Behind the scenes
First "Teen-a Witch"
Voiced by Betsy Sodaro

Jackie is a crossing guard who supervises students crossing the road outside Wagstaff School. She is also a witch.

In "Teen-a Witch", after hearing Tina insulting her profession, she takes away her barrette to use for a spell to curse Tina after she says she will cast a spell on her. It is later revealed that she used to be in the same coven as Mr. Ambrose. He mentions that she always wanted to go dark, doing revenge spells and curses and that she "never chipped in for pizza." Tina later apologizes for being mean to her during the costume contest and afterward Jackie accepts the apology, lifts the curse, and gives her barrette back.


  • A crossing guard was previously seen in "My Fuzzy Valentine" but it wasn't Jackie.
  • It is not known if she is employed by the school or not, but she attends the costume contest. Most likely to see her curse on Tina taking effect.
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