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Season 1[]

"Sexy Dance Fighting"[]

When Tina signs up for capoeira class, Tina begins to have a crush on Jairo. Tina becomes more interested in Jairo and extends her classes to see him more. When Bob attends one of Jairo's classes, he criticizes him and capoeira. Jairo forces Bob to have a duel with him which he easily wins by flipping his hair at him and making him fall and embarrassingly poop his pants.

Jairo visits the restaurant the next day after receiving a letter from Tina (which was actually from Louise who forged Tina's name to get revenge on Jairo for the incident) and suggests that Tina should come back because next week all attendees will ve promoted to the yellow cord. Tina goes with Jairo and quits her job at the restaurant. They later get into another fight at 4:30 as Bob is aware of his 'meeting.' Jairo frequently trips over Bob during the fight with Tina now supporting Bob and hating Jairo. Tina quits Jairo's class and returns to the grill at Bob's Burgers.

Season 6[]

"Sexy Dance Healing"[]

Jairo returns in "Sexy Dance Healing" when Bob sues Jairo after slipping on excess sandalwood oil being drained out from his studios. After giving him a guarantee of being able to heal him in less than ten sessions or he pays for the surgery, Jairo puts Bob through an unorthodox, but effective healing process.

Later, Jairo gets evicted from his studios by Mr. Fischoeder for living there after he got evicted from his apartment. Because of this and Jairo's efforts to help him, Bob lets Jairo stay and do his job at Bob's Burgers. The kids are less than pleased about this, but are able to get Jairo back into his old place by blackmailing Mr. Fischoeder.