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You can keep him, Tina, but you have to empty his box every night!
- Louise Belcher about Jeff

Jeff is a shoebox with a ghost trapped inside that Louise Belcher comes up with to prank her family, but Tina Belcher ends up falling in love with the box. He gets introduced in "Mazel Tina," making his only major appearance, but he later appears in "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now."

He is unvoiced.



Jeff was an Easy Breezy brand shoebox with the name "Jeff" written on it. Tina thought Jeff was a ghost who lived inside the box, but it turned out that her sister tricked her in to thinking he was a 13-year-old boy, after an exterminator said there was a ghost in Bob's Burgers. Thinking he was a boy, Tina started a relationship with Jeff and took him to a Butterfly exhibit, a park, Wonder Wharf, and school.


Jeff proved to be popular, increasing Tina's popularity in the process. Jeff was stolen from Tina by Tammy. Eventually, Tina learned that Jeff wasn't real and tricked Tammy into confessing.


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Love interests[]

Tina Belcher[]

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