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James[3] "Jimmy" Poplopovich, Sr., better known as Jimmy Pesto, is the owner of Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria, the restaurant across the street from Bob's Burgers that always seems to be doing better than the burger place. He is Bob Belcher's primary business rival and maybe his mortal enemy, and he constantly insults the Belcher for fun, often with his bartender, Trev. He's also the father of Jimmy Pesto, Jr. and Andy and Ollie Pesto. He makes his first appearance in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?"

He was originally voiced by Jay Johnston, but he is currently voiced by Eric Bauza.



In "The Fresh Princ-ipal," it’s revealed that he wears underpants with an Italian flag design. He wears a white dress shirt with rolled up sleeves, brown pants and black shoes. He has a cleft chin (although this feature is toned down in the later seasons), thick eyebrows, and a dark-brown pompadour.


Jimmy serves as a foil to Bob. While Bob owns a struggling business, Jimmy is highly successful. However, Bob is good man, husband and father whose restaurant produces good food, while Jimmy is mostly a deceitful (he changed his surname to Pesto in order to sell an "authentic" Italian food), negligent father and a sexual deviant. In "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?," Glitter, Marbles, and Cha-Cha reveal to Bob that Jimmy Pesto is a regular at a fetish club called the Desire Dungeon. His nickname is "Baby Num-Num" and he is a "Diaper Lover." His restaurant also produces sub-par, even downright disgusting food.

Jimmy Pesto has seen less prominence in Season 2 as a major character to the plot, but appears in "Burgerboss" when Bob tries to beat Jimmy's high score on a video game after he leaves the initials to say "BOBSUX." In "Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks," Jimmy appears when he calls Bob to tell him that it was his parked car that Bob hit in the parking lot. While Bob doesn't want to sound irresponsible as a parent, he doesn't tell him that it was Tina driving the car, due to Jimmy interrupting him before he could even explain what happened.

In "Full Bars," Jimmy Pesto gives the trick-or-treating Belcher kids oyster crackers. In "The Deepening," he is seen attending the block meeting in Bob's Burgers. Another non-speaking appearance for Jimmy Pesto is in the final moments of "Nude Beach" where we see a shot of Jimmy inside his restaurant.

Unlike Bob, who sells good food, Jimmy Pesto's food and restaurant have been described as subpar at best, as seen in multiple episodes such as "Bob Day Afternoon," where Mickey describes Jimmy Pesto's pizza as the worst pizza he has ever had, and "Best Burger" where Jimmy's Oregano Burger is received very poorly, and Bob's black garlic burger is incredibly well received.

Jimmy Pesto has also been shown to not be above instigating Bob for the sole purpose of harassing him, as seen in episodes like "Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks" where he refuses to let Bob pay the cost of the damage done to his car because he's "poor" and tells him to "tell it to his insurance" when in reality he knew full well that Bob could cover the damage and continues to harass Bob about it at the end of the episode. Another example is "Burgerboss" when Jimmy Pesto decides to spy on Bob from outside, and torment Bob with the old-school arcade game Burgerboss by writing the initials "BOBSUX" on the leader scoreboard to humiliate and torment Bob after scoring 317,000 points.

Linda claims that Bob and Jimmy should "both grow up" when in reality the biggest reason for Bob's rivalry with Jimmy is because Jimmy won't stick to his own restaurant and business - whenever Bob tries to come up with a strategy to try to get more customers, Jimmy is always quick to spy on Bob and torment him about it just as soon after, as seen in "Easy Com-mercial, Easy Go-mercial" when Jimmy torments Bob for "not having a TV" and that it will only show the football game with players "that have British accents" and steals Bob's commercial and then tries to blame Bob for stealing his commercial.


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Jimmy Pesto, Jr.[]

Jimmy Jr. is Jimmy's oldest son. Throughout the series, it is shown that Jimmy Pesto disapproves of Jimmy Pesto Jr.'s desire to dance, preferring that his son runs the restaurant with Junior often saying quotes similar to, "Don't tell me not to dance, dad!" and "I'm not you! I'm me, dad!"

Andy and Ollie Pesto[]

Andy and Ollie are Jimmy's youngest sons. Along with the rest of the characters, Jimmy Pesto seems to be somewhat put off by the twins' relationship as well.




The Belchers[]


Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria often appears in episodes without Jimmy, so episodes featuring only a shot of the restaurant's storefront do not count as his getting mentioned. Additionally, his appearances in the Opening Sequence do not count either.

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  1. s1e10 "Burger War" Poplopovich is Jimmy's real last name.
  2. s5e4 "Dawn of the Peck" Ollie reveals that they have an aunt whose house he tried shrimp at. It's unknown if this is Jimmy's sister or Mrs. Pesto's sister.
  3. s4e10 "Presto Tina-o" Zeke calls Jimmy Jr. "James," which indicates Jimmy Pesto's first name is also "James."

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