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Don't even worry about it. You're like, really pretty.
- Jocelyn's Mom

She is the mother of Jocelyn. She makes her first appearance in "The Runway Club" and her only other appearance in "The Horse Rider-er."

She is voiced by John Roberts.



Jocelyn's mother appears to look very similar to Jocelyn in appearance, except her hair is a shade darker. She is seen wearing a dark-pink shirt, long blue pants, and white shoes. She wears a purple headband in her first appearance and a pink one in her second.


Jocelyn's mother seems to have the exact same personality as Jocelyn, as she does her appearance and voice. Like Jocelyn, she appears to have the personality of the stereotypical "valley girl" that often uses the words "like" and "totally" in her sentences.


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Her husband[]

Although it's unknown if they're actually married, Tina Belcher implies that they're living together or at least supporting their daughter together because Jocelyn's mom having to pick up her son from soccer practice and Jocelyn's dad being on a business trip allows Jocelyn to host a short spin the bottle game at her home without them around ("The Hormone-iums").


Her son[]

During Jocelyn's birthday party in "The Hormone-iums," she picks up her son from soccer practice.



  1. "The Runway Club" and "The Horse Rider-er" credits John Roberts as "Jocelyn's Mom."


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