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Season 4[]

"Slumber Party"[]

While making cupcakes at Louise Belcher's slumber party in "Slumber Party," Louise tricks Jodi into believing that her mom has a number of gross fictitious ailments such as "Sewer Palm," "Strep Thumb" & "Whooping Butt." This causes her to panic and Bob takes her home from the party.

Season 5[]

"Tina Tailor Soldier Spy"[]

Jodi next appears in "Tina Tailor Soldier Spy" where she is a member of Thundergirls' Troop 119 along with Tina. Like the rest of the troop, she is suspected of being a mole for Troop 257. To get her to talk, Louise threatens to flush her glasses down troop leader, Ginny's toilet causing her to panic.

Season 6[]

"Secret Admiral-irer"[]

Jodi briefly appears in "Secret Admiral-irer" with the rest of Troop 119 at the Elegant Doily Retirement Home, but doesn't have any lines.

Season 8[]

In "The Hurt Soccer," Jodi states that she signs up for soccer every year because it makes her "feel alive."

Season 10[]

"Motor, She Boat"[]

In Motor, She Boat, Jodi asks Karen if she could cover herself in plastic to avoid contact with lake water.

Season 13[]

"The Plight Before Christmas"[]

In "The Plight Before Christmas" Ginny insinuates that Jodi thought the yule log costume looked like a giant poop.