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If you ever go back to being a one-boy girl, you know where to find me.
- Josh

Josh is a student at the School for the Performing Arts and a former love interest of Tina Belcher. He has a passion for dancing. He makes his first appearance in "Lindapendent Woman."

He is voiced by Ben Schwartz.



In "Lindapendent Woman," he wears a grey t-shirt and jeans. In "Two for Tina," he wears a grey tank top and black stirrup pants along with a wristband on his right wrist. His eyebrows were thicker in "Lindapendent Woman" than they are in "Two for Tina." He has wavy brown hair.



Main article: Josh (School for the Performing Arts)/Story



His dad[]

His mom[]


The Belcher kids[]


Jimmy Pesto, Jr.[]


His turtle[]


Ms. Morris[]



  1. s3e14 "Lindapendent Woman" He states his age is 14.
  2. s3e17 "Two for Tina" His dad picks up Tina for Josh's dance.
  3. s3e14 "Lindapendent Woman" His mom's text forces him to leave Tina.


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