Bob's Burgers character
Judge Conklin
Gender Male
Hair Black
Occupation Retired (formerly a judge)
Behind the scenes
First "A Few 'Gurt Men"
Voiced by Gary Anthony Williams

Judge Conklin is a retired judge who is called in to preside over an educational mock-trial based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for Ms. Jacobson's class in "A Few 'Gurt Men." After Mr. Ambrose is overheard accusing Mr. Frond of stealing his yogurt, Conklin decides to trial them over whether Mr. Frond stole the yogurt, a real court case instead of the more predictable Three Little Pigs trial scheduled for the next day.

It is later revealed that Conklin, in fact, stole Mr. Ambrose's yogurt unaware that the disposable spoon found within the packaging was in there and disposed of the container in Mr. Frond's trash can. Louise jumps to this conclusion after his opening remark about water being on his sleeve leading her to discover that he had placed a metal spoon down on the water fountain and his sleeve got stained from the water projection of the fountain.

He reveals that he didn't admit to stealing the yogurt before the trial began as he thought he saw potential in Louise as a defense attorney. He reimburses Mr. Ambrose, who claims the yogurt cost $2.59 plus tax, with $3.


  • Has been retired for 20 years (20 years being after 1997 as he states, "A Few 'Gurt Men" first aired in 2017).
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