Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Red
Occupation Theater company accountant
Behind the scenes
First "The Helen Hunt"
Voiced by Sharon Horgan

Kathleen is an Irish widow who resides in The DuMont apartment block.

She first appears in "The Helen Hunt" where the Belchers and Teddy visit her apartment while searching for a hidden netsuke left to Helen by her late husband Larry who owned the apartment block. She and Teddy hit it off immediately after recognizing each other from a previous encounter. Tina then pumps for Kathleen being Teddy's ideal love interest over Helen.

She also appears in "All That Gene" where she gets a job as the accountant for The Happy Mask Sad Mask Players theater company.


  • She is originally from Ireland and enjoys watching hurling.
  • Her husband was killed when he got hit by a train.


Season 9

Season 10

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