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Kathleen is an Irish widow who resides in The DuMont apartment block.

She first appears in "The Helen Hunt" where the Belchers and Teddy visit her apartment while searching for a hidden netsuke left to Helen by her late husband, Larry, who owned the apartment block. She and Teddy recognize each other from a previous encounter and Tina notices the two's natural chemistry with one another. Tina then pumps for Kathleen being Teddy's ideal love interest over Helen. Unlike Helen, Kathleen shows genuine concern for Teddy when his life becomes endangered and the two spend time together afterwards.

She also appears in "All That Gene" where she gets a job as the accountant for The Happy Mask Sad Mask Players theater company.

In "Fingers-loose," Teddy mentions that she has invited him to go to the movies.

In "Comet-y of Errors," Teddy reveals that they are dating. Bob expresses to Teddy that he likes her and think they work well together; While she doesn't appear, Teddy's attempt to break up with her out of concern for his superstition is the major motivation for Bob's intervention.

Teddy attempts to feign interest in hurling during "The Show (and Tell) Must Go On", as he fears that Kathleen will leave him due to having different interests. He invites her to Bob's Burgers in order to watch a hurling match, which goes poorly as Teddy doesn't understand the vocabulary. When Teddy admits his concerns, Kathleen points out that every couple has different interests, Bob and Linda included, and that she greatly enjoys spending time with Teddy regardless of their differences.


  • She is originally from Ireland and enjoys watching hurling.
  • Her husband was killed when he got hit by a train.
  • Her appearance in "The Show (and Tell) Must Go On" differs slightly from her first few appearances.


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  1. s13e15 "The Show (and Tell) Must Go On" Kathleen jokes that one of the men who came to see a [1] game at Bob's Burgers is her dad.