Bob's Burgers Wiki


Season 1[]

"Art Crawl"[]

Gene Belcher paints a ninja robot fighting a vampire tape recorder at Stonehenge with Ken watching in the background in "Art Crawl." Bob Belcher asks who is in the background, and Gene replies, "That's my friend, Ken. He's an albino, he's real, and he does improvised hip-hop." When asked how old he is, Gene says 28, to which Bob responds, "You can't have a 28 year old albino friend," prompting Gene to yell, "Yes I can!"

Season 2[]

"Bob Day Afternoon"[]

When Sergeant Bosco tries to get a phone line to the bank in "Bob Day Afternoon," they hear breathing. It then shows Gene on the line, "All I know is I was talking to Ken and then I was on hold with the bank," the phone is then taken away from him by a cop.

Season 4[]

"Slumber Party"[]

When Linda Belcher talks about Ginger in "Slumber Party," she mentions how she had to slumber through many parties to find her Ginger. Gene adds, "She's right, I had a lot of false starts before I met Ken."

Season 5[]

"Tina and the Real Ghost"[]

Gene goes to a stall in the girl's bathroom at his school in "Tina and the Real Ghost." After his visit, he says it's nice how each stall has a tiny metal mailbox, and he's glad he was carrying a postcard for Ken.

"The Gayle Tales"[]

During Tina Belcher's story in "The Gayle Tales," when they are at the ball, Tina says how everyone is there, Eugenia (Gene) adds, "Even Lord Ken the Albino" and runs to go see him.

Season 7[]

"There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business"[]

In "There's No Business Like Mr. Business Business," to prove Ian Amberson is legit, Linda brings up how he has a business card. Bob replies, "Anyone can have a card, Lin, Teddy has a card." Gene adds that so does Ken, and it has his pager number on it. Then he asks if Bob wants one, to which he replies, "No," and Gene says, "You do."

Season 9[]

"I Bob Your Pardon"[]

Tina wants to save Drew P. Neck, a pardoned turkey, in "I Bob Your Pardon." She first tries to get her siblings to help. After convincing her sister, Gene says he's in, too, "I promised Ken I'd help him move today, but screw it. I don't know why I told him I have a Toyota Tacoma."

"Long Time Listener, First Time Bob"[]

In "Long Time Listener, First Time Bob," Louise mentions Ken after discussing a fake radio DJ who replaced Clem Clements: "Successful, but imaginary, like Gene's friend, Ken."

Season 10[]

"Motor, She Boat"[]

When Mike the Mailman enters the restaurant in "Motor, She Boat," Gene asks if he has any mail for him, then adds, "I'm expecting a post card from Ken. He went Fjord hiking in Norway and I'm furious at him for not inviting me."

"Now We're Not Cooking with Gas"[]

When the Belchers do their thankful leaves for Tina's fall break project in "Now We're Not Cooking with Gas," they mock Bob for his last leaf. Bob defends himself by saying, "I thought we weren't allowed to comment on other people's leaves. You guys didn't say anything when Gene put up the leaf about his imaginary friend Ken surviving that fall," Gene says back, "He's real, and so is his GoFundMe page, which you have donated to generously," Bob asks, "Wait, what?, and Gene quickly replies, "Nothing."

"A Fish Called Tina"[]

Tina remarks on how she is very excited about Wagstaff's fourth-grade-eighth-grade mentoring program in "A Fish Called Tina" and says, "I'm sorry you have to wait another two years to be part of this magical journey again Gene, fourth graders and eighth graders only," Gene then says, "That's okay, I'm pretty busy mentoring Ken through the bankruptcy of his street-wear company."

"The Handyman Can"[]

While the kids are trying to cheer Teddy up in "The Handyman Can" and get him to fix the lightbulb In the walk-in, Gene says, “Also, Ken wants to solarize his party deck.“

Season 11[]

"Mr. Lonely Farts"[]

When Gene is unintentionally left home alone in "Mr. Lonely Farts," he "calls" Ken with a set of tongs to keep himself company.

Season 12[]

"Ferry on My Wayward Bob and Linda"[]

When Louise suggests Tina can speak "Babysitter" in "Ferry on My Wayward Bob and Linda," Gene mentions that Ken is learning Babysitter on Rosetta Stone and he "loves their culture."

"Clear and Present Ginger"[]

In "Clear and Present Ginger," Gene mentions that he and Ken do Krav Maga on the beach together. He also says Ben, the first friend of Ken that isn't Gene, and how he often butts in during Krav Maga.

"Sauce Side Story"[]

Bob shuts down the idea of Ken driving the kids to Lorraine's house in "Sauce Side Story," reaffirming (at least in his mind) Ken's non-existence. Gene tells Bob that Ken is getting his Jeep lowered and thus cannot drive them anyway.

The Bob's Burgers Movie[]

Gene envisions performing with the rest of the Itty Bitty Ditty Committee in The Bob's Burgers Movie at the bandshell in Wonder Wharf. He notices and calls out Ken from the crowd, who Gene thought was at a conference in Houston.