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From left to right Rico, Sasha Whiteman, and unknown

The Kingshead Island Speeders also known as K.I.S. (but never pronounced phonetically as "kiss") are a go-kart team that competes in the A-league of go-kart racing at Speed Demons Outdoor Racing in "Speakeasy Rider." The team is made up of Sasha Whiteman, Rico, Eddy & an unnamed fourth boy. Their go-kart number is 81. Their go-kart and their uniforms are orange, white, and black. All their uniforms have their acronym at the back, but the crew members wear a predominantly-white windbreaker to differentiate themselves from their racers. Sasha might be in charge of the team because of his dominance and his authority over the rest of the members.They have "cookie toasts" before every tournament race (though that could've been just for this one instance). Their main rival is Bryce, whom they call "Not Nice Bryce," and his team "Bry-ced Lightning." The K.I.S. never won first place in the Kingshead Island Grand Prix because of him.

They offer Tina the chance to drive their kart while Eddy is in detention after seeing her drive around the track with precision in Team Belchers go kart. Tina accepts after realizing she would no longer be Louise's water girl.