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Not to be confused with Melted Kuchi Kopi.

She needs... to be corrected. Killed.
- Kuchi Kopi

Kuchi Kopi (くーちい こーぴい) is a fictitious character that has appeared in many forms throughout the series. He has been as a book character, nightlight, toothbrush, carrier bag, and a set of walkie-talkies in Bob and Louise's fantasies. Kuchi Kopi is Louise's favorite toy ("collectible" by Louise), and she goes crazy without it. He makes his first appearance in "Crawl Space." He mainly appears in Louise's room as the normal inanimate collectible he is on her stands along with Louise's other toys.

He is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin, but he is voiced by Kristen Schaal in "If You Love It So Much, Why Don't You Marionette?"



Kuchi Kopi is a light green spirit-like creature with short stubby arms and cat-like ears. In Bob's hallucination in "Crawl Space," he additionally wears a formal light blue bow tie taking the role of Lloyd the bartender from The Shining.



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While Kuchi Kopi's origin is still unknown, he is most likely a character from an eponymous Japanese series of books. Bob describes him as "a spirit that can be different things to different people" ("Flu-ouise"), a likely reference to the ambiguity and unclear definition of the character.



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