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Life is a funny mistress sometimes.
- Kurt Enerny

Kurt Enerny, or "Upskirt Kurt," is a local pilot who makes his first appearance in "Seaplane!" and his only other appearance in "Live and Let Fly."

He is voiced by Will Forte.



Live and Let Fly young Kurt

Kurt in his youth.

Based on his visible marks under his eyes and body hair and his history of being able to fly his plane "years ago" ("Live and Let Fly"), Kurt is likely a man in his 40s. Another indication of his age is that he didn't have marks under his eyes when he appeared in a flashback in "Live and Let Fly" while seeming to be the same height, although his plane hid the lower part of his body. He has a tan that's likely from working at sea, with Louise Belcher pointing out how tan he is in surprise in "Seaplane!" He has sandy-brown hair in a slight mullet, shaped eyebrows of the same color, and an average build. Kurt kept his hair shorter in his youth with a spit curl and more prominent sideburns.



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His dad[]

Laverne Enerny[]

In "Seaplane!," Kurt reveals Laverne Enerny is his sister with whom he used to part of a stunt flying team. Their father was also a stunt pilot who taught them both the Dice N' Slice stunt. However, their father always drove them to compete in order to bring out their talent, which resulted in a schism between the siblings for twenty years as each thought the other stole their stunt after he lied about it. Although shown early on as willing to sabotage her plane so Laverne would have to emergency-land, the two later made up once the truth was revealed.


The Belchers[]



Calvin Fischoeder[]



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