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Season 4[]


In "Seaplane!," Kurt Enerny teaches Linda Belcher how to fly his seaplane, Shoshana. His customers are usually bored housewives who want to have a break from their husbands. His trick is to fake an emergency landing by Quippiquisset Island, pack a picnic for them to share which he disguises as for him and his mother, serenade them and then eventually seduce them. Linda, however, fails to his advances because she's happily married to Bob.

Season 9[]

"Live and Let Fly"[]

In "Live and Let Fly," Tina, Gene, and Louise Belcher hire Kurt to fly a banner by the Spinnaker Hotel while Mr. Frond is attending the 3rd Annual Counsel Con as revenge for sharing a humiliating music video. In return, he asks them to exact revenge on his sister and former teammate Laverne, but instead, they get him into shape to try and beat Laverne at doing the Dice N' Slice at the airshow. At the air show, he failed the stunt and tried knocking Laverne out of the sky until they both found out that neither stole the Dice N' Slice from the other and had been lied to by their father/coach. He then flies off to slice up the URL banner the kids had for Frond's video insulting other guidance counselors, having called in his friend to do instead for him.