Bob's Burgers character
Large Tommy
Large Tommy
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 9
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes
First "Human Flesh"

Large Tommy is a student at Wagstaff School. He first appeared in Human Flesh, holding up a sign saying "Eat cheeseburgers, not me-burgers" in the mob outside the restaurant. He appears mostly in the background of many scenes in the series.

In Hamburger Dinner Theater, he asks Tina if she got scared while she was performing at the Dinner Theater. Tina was unable to answer the question so Louise answers for her saying she wasn't scared.

In Broadcast Wagstaff School News he attends the auditions for Wagstaff School News, he however gets questioned by Mr. Grant if he really wants do it and then leaves.

Louise refers to him as "boy sucking on watch" in The Millie-Churian Candidate.

It has been implied that his last name might be LaCroix as Regular Sized Rudy refers to a Tommy LaCroix in Lice Things Are Lice who used his inhaler as an air freshener in the bathroom.

In "Mission Impos-slug-ble", he takes part in a trade of Burobu cards with Louise.

He has his largest role to date in "The Gene Mile" where he has Courtney's cat's GPS collar placed in his backpack to monitor when he's almost finished running the mile to alert the kids to resume running.


Large Tommy is overweight, he has brown hair and wears a red shirt and glasses.


Apart from these fifth episodes, all of his appearances are non-speaking cameos in many episodes.

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