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You think you know somebody!
- Louise Belcher about Larry Goodwin

Larry Goodwin was Helen's husband before passing away. He was a wealthy clock magnate for Goodwin Clocks when he was alive. The Belchers believe Helen murdered Larry for his money. He gets mentioned and pictured in "Housetrap," and "The Helen Hunt" is the only other episode to mention him.

He is unvoiced.




Larry was likely a kind man who enjoyed games and puzzles. Kathleen mentions that Larry was a kind neighbor, and Helen says he left most of his money to charity while leaving her the beach house, an apartment in New York, and a place in Aspen ("Housetrap"). In both the beach house and the DuMont apartment, Larry kept games to keep him busy, such as a pool table, a vintage game console, and a few board games in the apartment. For unknown reasons, he hid most of his investments in vents and chimneys, including the netsuke in a pipe in the DuMont building ("The Helen Hunt").


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Much is unknown about Larry's life when he was alive. He was a profitable clock mandate for Goodwin Clocks and was considered tremendously wealthy. He had at least three homes and invested in different opportunities ("Housetrap"), including a valuable netsuke and an old apartment building, the DuMont ("The Helen Hunt").

Sometime before Helen met Teddy, Larry fell from the roof of their beach vacation home onto some boulders placed on the bottom of the house, killing him. Helen most likely loosened the railing, causing Larry to fall to his death ("Housetrap").



His first wife[]

Before he married Helen, he was married to another woman. There's limited information about the first wife, but Linda and Louise believe that Helen convinced Larry to leave his first wife for her ("Housetrap").


In his life with Helen, they traveled the world and participated in activities such as mountain climbing, although Helen mentioned that she was the one who wanted to go as Larry was a poor mountain climber ("Housetrap"). Despite his seemingly happy marriage to Helen, Helen was likely extremely controlling, so controlling that he would secretly stay in one of the DuMont apartments, keeping items she forbade him to own (such as baseball gloves and games) there ("The Helen Hunt").





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