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Larry Murphy
Larry Murphy by Gage Skidmore 2

Voice of

Teddy, Gretchen, Edith Cranwinkle, Various


March 12, 1972


Abington, Massachusetts

Lawrence "Larry" Murphy Jr.  is an actor born March 12, 1972, in Abington, Massachusetts.

He currently voices Teddy on Bob's Burgers. He also voices recurring characters Gretchen, Coach Blevins and Edith Cranwinkle.

Starting with the third production season, beginning with My Fuzzy Valentine, Larry Murphy was promoted to the main cast. In broadcast order, Lindapendent Woman aired next and showed Murphy being listed under 'also starring'. This was simply due to the episode being the final episode of the second production season to air. Despite this promotion he has not voiced characters in all episodes since.

He also did the voices of Amazing Rope Guy, Mr. Best, Dave, Principal, Zookeeper, and Reporter Rex in WordGirl.

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