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The Larsen Family is one of the families of the show.

Family Members[]

Family Dynamic[]

The Larsen family does not appear to be especially close. Tammy's parents leave on a cruise and do not notice Tammy is not there for some time, during the episode Sleeping with the Frenemy and when Mr Larsen calls Tammy and learns she is on land, he continues with the cruise, giving the excuse that he does not think that the boat can be stopped. In the episode "Mazel-Tina", when Tammy is trapped in a giant head, decorated in her likeness, along with Louise, at her own bat mitzvah, her parents do not seem to mind that their daughter is nowhere to be seen, replaced by Tina. They explain to Tina that when Tammy is having a tantrum, they let her take "Tammy time," suggesting that either they have gotten used to her behaviour and have developed this strategy, or that they do not care anymore. Tammy seems very spoiled by her parents, with Mr Larsen even building a scrunchie closet for Tammy, as mentioned in the Season 6 episode Lice Things Are Lice

Mr and Mrs Larsen[]

Tammy's parents seem to have a somewhat mismatched, but overall peaceful relationship. They do not have many onscreen interactions, with their most noticeable being during the previously mentioned episode, "Mazel-Tina." When Tina asks them about Tammy, stressed about the schedule, they inform her about "Tammy time," which is what they call when their daughter strops off in anger. They are also seen in the episode arguing about a perfume, which they are both wearing. They debate whether the phrases "bisexual" and "unisex" have the same meaning. Mrs Larsen appears to be the more dominating one in the relationship, with this being continued by Tammy having her father do whatever she wants as well. However, Mr Larsen has had more lines on the show than his wife.

Tammy and Mr Larsen[]

Tammy has more interaction with her dad than she does with her mother on the show, with her dad seemingly at her beck and call at all times. Tammy seems to be spoiled by her father, who builds her a scrunchie closet, and also says he would go to Saturday detention "if he could," which causes confusion between the two, with Tammy thinking he wants to wear her clothes.