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Lillian Bosco is Sergeant Bosco's mother; she resides at the Elegant Doily Retirement Home.

She is first mentioned in "Secret Admiral-irer" where Bosco greets her while she is offscreen.

She first appears in "Bobby Driver". Lillian is the head of the Bog Harbor quilting club and objects strongly to Edith Cranwinkle's addition to a quilt meant to hang in the Wharf Arts Center.

She has a strained relationship with her son. The sergeant visits his mother often, especially around the holidays, but it's usually a poor visit as Lillian always complains that her other son, Sergeant Bosco's brother Gary, never comes to visit. Her son is always aggravated by her attitude although it is evident that he still cares greatly for his mother.


My son is a police officer. He'll be here any minute. He'll plant drugs on you. He'll plant drugs on all of you!
Oh, oh, oh! Shoot them!
My son has a gun. Don't mess with us.


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