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Hope and grit keeps you out of the you-know-what.
- Lily Belcher

Lily Belcher (née Lombard) was Bob Belcher's mother and Big Bob's wife. She passed away around thirty years ago.[1]


Season 3[]

Season 5[]

  • Father of the Bob - Big Bob mentions that things haven't been as easy since Bob's mother passed away.

Season 7[]

Season 12[]

  • Interview with a Pop-pop-pire - Big Bob shares a story that shaped his life that included Lily. Six years before he asked her to marry him, the two had gone out camping together. The sound of the rain made her want to go to the bathroom, and so she left their tent to relieve herself. A few moments later, a tree fell on the tent and almost crushed Big Bob. Because the tree fell directly on Lily's side of the tent, Big Bob realized that Lily could have been killed it she hadn't been in the bathroom at the time. This caused him to think about life in a different way and about how much she meant to him, which eventually led him to propose six years later. During the telling of the story, Bob mentions that Big Bob had never told him that his mother was there. Later, after the story, the two talk to each other about why Big Bob had always left out the details. He told little Bob that he didn't want to make him sad when bringing up the subject of his mother, but little Bob told him that it was alright.

Season 13[]

  • Show Mama from the Grave - Bob and the kids get completely lost in the cemetery looking for her headstone. It's revealed that Bob's mom didn't like getting flowers. Bob says she died 33 or 32 years ago. That would make the year of her death 1989 or 1990.
  • Radio No You Didn't (flashback) - Bob decides to tell the story behind an old radio to Linda and his kids, particularly about Lily's mother Alice during World War II. Lily is seen as an infant with Alice and her grandmother Gertie. The six-month old Lily had difficulty sleeping and could only be calmed down by playing static on the radio on an unused channel. During one of these nights, Alice caught a German message on the channel, finding out one of their neighbors was a spy. Bob sets the story during the summer of 1941; since Lily was six months old, that means she was born either in the late months of 1940 or the early months of 1941.


  • The Bob's Burgers Movie - Bob’s mother was first mentioned when Linda reminded Bob of one of her old sayings. He added that she (his mom) thought the saying was edgy. In a flashback, Bob reveals to Louise that her bunny ears reminded him of his mother who always wore a pink beanie. Bob also implies that Louise and Lily had a lot in common. Her face is finally revealed in the flashback.


Bob Belcher[]

Bob and his mother were very close, they made gingerbread houses together every Christmas before she died. Bob said that his daughter Louise reminded him of his mother.

Big Bob[]

In Interview with a Pop-pop-pire, Big Bob talks about how much Lily meant to him, which is why he decided to marry her. It’s implied that Lily was a big help to Big Bob, as mentioned in Father of the Bob.



  • Although her middle name is unknown, it is known that her maiden name was Lombard, and her married name was Belcher.
  • In the flashback, Lily’s outfit the colors represent all three of her grandchildren’s clothing: her dark blue pants are Tina’s skirt; yellow long sleeve shirt is Gene’s T-shirt, and the pink beanie is Louise’s bunny ears.
  • "Show Mama from the Grave," reveals that her first name is "Lily" and that she passed away about thirty years ago.
    • On November 6th, 2022, series creator Loren Bouchard had teased that her name would be revealed "very soon," referring to the mentioned episode. The episode aired 21 days after his comment.[2]
  • When she is heard crying as a baby in "Radio No You Didn't" her cries were provided by Bouchard.[3]
  • She was born in Red Point, Brooklyn, in New York ("Radio No You Didn't"), but she moved to New Jersey at some point, where she likely passed away and was buried in Redburn. ("Show Mama from the Grave")


Hope and grit keeps you out of the you-know-what.
Something stinks in here.


  1. In "Wharf, Me Worry?" Louise states that Big Bob is currently 75. Assuming Lily was around the same age as Big Bob, and since she passed away around thirty years ago ("Show Mama from the Grave"), she would've been about 40 when she passed away.