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Linda Belcher
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age 43 Human Flesh (formerly)
44 Eat, Spray, Linda (currently)
Occupation Co-owner/Server/Cook at Bob's Burgers

Crew Member (formerly) Fresh Feed

Holiday Post Office Sorter (formerly)

Relatives (see Belcher Family)
Behind the scenes
First "Human Flesh"
Voiced by John Roberts
Ow my face
— Linda Belcher

Linda Belcher (née Genarro) is one of the two tritagonists (alongside Gene Belcher) of Bob's Burgers.

Linda is the happy-go-lucky, eccentric wife of Bob Belcher and the mother of Tina, Gene and Louise. Linda has a broad sense of humour, constantly joking with her family and friends. She is wise and kind to her family, she still loves her family very much. She is voiced by John Roberts.



Linda has tan skin and black hair like the rest of the family. She wears a red-orange long-sleeved shirt with a V-neck collar (two buttons up until "The Runway Club"), red glasses (inspired by Sally Jessy Raphael's[1]), blue jeans, and yellow shoes with socks. She is seen mostly wearing a white apron covering most of her legs. She has blue eyes

In bed, she wears a white and pink nightgown. In the episode Slumber Party[2] she wears a pink top and pink pants as her panamas. She is also seen wearing large pig tails in Slumber Party.

In other episodes, she has been seen wearing a purple sleeveless T-shirt and blue shorts, a purple twist neck dress and workout gear. In one episode, Linda is seen wearing a red tank top with her usual bottoms.


Happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic, funny, and friendly, Linda supports her husband Bob's dream through thick and thin. She has a joyful enthusiasm for whatever she undertakes, from dinner theatre to synchronized swimming to road rage.

She is lenient and supportive toward her whole family, while still garnering their love and respect. She is especially kind to her emotionally unstable sister, Gayle, encouraging Bob to have a pretend affair with her to raise her self-esteem, and allowing Gayle to hang many anus-themed paintings in the restaurant.

She is extremely outgoing, flamboyant, feminine, and has absurd obsessions with performing arts and dramatic tradition - she will occasionally take extreme measures to pursue these and make her family/bystanders join her in enacting this. She is also very extroverted and is often rambling or very talkative. She sings the most of all characters. In "Hamburger Dinner Theatre", she lies to Bob, telling him she is going to Pickles while going to see a pirate themed dinner theatre show. It is possible that Linda may have seen the show before, as she sings along with the actors.

While usually open-minded and accepting of other people she has shown to have strong opinions and expectations that she will force onto others regardless of their feelings.

She's always on the lookout for a surprise birthday party or unexpected anniversary present, and her faith in Bob is unwavering. She's prone to bursting into song after a visit to her beloved musical dinner theatre, and though she thinks she's an excellent hostess, her blood boils when guests aren't willing to make small talk. Linda is a pushover, always being easily convinced by her kids to do all the work on their school projects, but she doesn’t think she’s a pushover. Louise in particular, can make Linda do whatever she wants. For example, she has her get the family together for a family meeting, to get her to be the kids swimming coach, and to sell Bob's espresso machine.

Linda is shown to have an obsession with baby related things such as porcelain baby dolls as shown in Burgerboss, a dutch baby pancake in "Christmas in the Car" and miniature water bottles in "Dawn of the Peck". In "Wag the Hog", she babysits Sidecar, Critter and Mudflap's baby and passes him off as Simon, her own baby.


—Multiple Episodes
Oh, Bobby! Now you listen to me. I would rather be married to a suspected cannibal with a dream, like you, than a soft-lipped guy who never had a dream in the first place.
Running down the gutter with a piece of bread and butter,...Diarrhea!
Stay out of my room!
—Multiple Episodes
When I die I want you to cremate me and throw my ashes in Tom Selleck's face.
Ow! My face!
—Multiple Episodes
No one sheds like this family, it's like a bunch of Chewbaccas.
Hit him in his handsome groin!
I dreamed that I was breast feeding Gene again, but he had a long, white beard, like Santa Claus. Oh, it was freaky!
Well, I may have slipped a penis pill in your casserole. Surprise!
Mommy doesn't get drunk. She just has fun.
Don't tell me not to have a crap attack! I'll have a crap attack anytime I want!
It's rated "R" for really boozy, starring me.
Ginger's cat died, but in a really funny way.
Oh, honey. I already picked out what it'll say on your tombstone. Order up.
Here goes the hair, and, there goes the hair, and, where is Harry Truman? He's dead in the ground, he's dead in the ground, he's dead dead dead dead dead!
The problem is I don't have a friggin' drink in my hand!
Ooh! Mutiny?! This boat has so many activities.
Wine helps me drink.
You got to fight crazy with crazy.
Whoo, throw a ripped wedding dress on this daiquiri 'cause it is not a virgin!
A gentleman down south but a bad boy above the mouth.
C'mon, do shots! You'll feel better! I bought five shots we're doing five shots!
I was going to punch you, but I'm holding wine.
My dutch baby! It came out in 22 minutes! Aw, its a preemie, just like Jesus.
"All I had for breakfast was kiwi fuzz. It's like licking your father's back. Ugh!"
I'm gonna write a parenting book. I'll call it: 'Hey You, I Saw That, Put It Back!'.


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Archer version

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  • The name Linda means "beautiful", "cute", "pretty" and "flexible, soft, mild" in Portuguese and Spanish.
  • She can fart on command
  • Bob and Linda's wedding anniversary is September 3rd as Linda uses the "9 is divisible by 3" method to remember their anniversary date and they were apparently married at City Hall. Hugo the health inspector also uses this method to remember their anniversary.
  • While incredibly gregarious and friendly, Linda has a tendency to overstep her bounds, invade others personal lives and force people to conform to her own opinions and expectations.
  • A major source of inspiration for Linda from voice actor John Roberts was his mother and him mocking/making fun of her when he was a child.
  • Linda and Tina are the only two female members of the Belcher family who are voiced by a male.
  • Linda has a crush on Tom Selleck and wants her ashes thrown in his face.
  • Linda's birthday is June 3rd, 1968.
    • It is suggested in "Seaplane!", Linda is 45, when Upskirt Kurt states his seaplane is 45, looks 30 and handles like she's 18. Linda states if she were to die today she wants that on her tombstone.
  • Linda was a member of the class of 1988 at Cardinal Gennaro High School.
  • Linda's hometown is revealed to be "Hunkawtaway" (sp?). While there is apparently no actual US city by that name, the word is clearly intended to invoke various actual place names of the north-eastern US derived from Native American languages, such as Pawtuckaway, Manakaway, or Nashawannuck.
  • Linda used to be engaged to Hugo, but broke it off by performing a break-up rap on his answering machine after being unsatisfied with hanging out with him and had started seeing Bob after she accidentally got her engagement ring caught in his moustache.
  • Linda's eyes don't completely close ("Turkey in a Can").
  • Linda might be an alcoholic, but more likely she just likes drinking. There are many references throughout the series to her being fond of drinking (to the point that the kids joke about it) and seemingly having a high tolerance. She has a clear preference for wine and mixed drinks, and only seems to drink out of the restaurant or after-hours.
  • It is assumed that Linda may also be a high-functioning alcoholic.
  • Linda had jury duty on St. Patrick's Day and wore a green blazer in celebration. She later gave it to Tina to wear to her Wagstaff School News audition. Tina now currently wears it for her "Tina Table" segment on the program despite it blending in the with chroma-key screen. ("Broadcast Wagstaff School News")
  • Linda's favourite toilet is at The Royal Oyster Hotel.
  • Linda got into the habit of peeing while standing up and "likes it", as mentioned in "The Deepening".
  • Linda wears pink underwear as painted in "Art Crawl" and seen in several later episodes.
  • It's implied by Teddy that the areolas around Linda's nipples are brown and asymmetrical in "Beefsquatch".
  • Linda told Bob that she was pregnant with Louise on the Ferris Wheel at Wonder Wharf, to which he replied with long, loud screaming.
  • It was implied that Linda wore braces when she was growing up in "Slumber Party" and later confirmed in "Loft in Bedslation."
  • It is implied that Linda wears glasses because she is near-sighted as in "Housetrap" she raises her glasses to try and look at Helen's ring in a picture up close.
  • Linda has a underwear over thirty years old ("Hawk & Chick").
  • Linda doesn't have a passport ("Hawk & Chick").
  • Linda was fourth-grade hoop shoot champion ("Stand By Gene").
  • Linda's favourite Meryl Streep movie is It's Complicated ("Stand By Gene").
  • Linda loves showers, mornings, bologna, and turtles - and wine! (“Kids Rob A Train”).
  • Linda loves the zoo ("Wag the Hog").
  • Linda sleeps with a mouth guard ("Secret Admiral-irer").
  • Linda has recurring dreams about meeting Tyra Banks ("Secret Admiral-irer").
  • Linda has a large wart on her right hand "A River Runs Through Bob".
  • Linda's worst fear is Gene turning into a wolf "A River Runs Through Bob".
  • Linda used to throw rocks at cars, mentioned in Slumber Party. She did it so much that some people stopped driving down her street.
  • Linda used to wing it at her book reports and for her report "The Catcher and the Rye", she used a catchers' mitt and a loaf of rye bread. She got an "F" on it because she didn't back-covered it.
  • Linda used Louise's volcano science fair project as a wine coozie.
  • Linda once brought a stuffed animal(s) to the zoo to see how the real animals would react ("Live and Let Fly").
  • Linda taught herself to dance ("Bob and Deliver”)
  • It's implied that Linda is Christian or Catholic, as in many episodes she references God and Heaven, however, Bob and Linda had a non-religious wedding ceremony at City Hall.
  • Her blood type is A positive. ("Heartbreak Hotel-oween")
  • She is revealed to be able to fart on command. (Fast Time Capsules at Wagstaff School)
  • At some point in her childhood one Alfie Constanelli made a portrait of her using his own hair and toenails. (The Cook, The Steve, The Gayle, & Her Lover)
  • She often calls to her daughters in the order of “Tina, Louise.” Tina Louise[1] played Ginger [2] on Gilligan’s Island[3] which also took place by the beach.

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  2. (Episode where Linda throws a Slumber Party for Louise in hope she becomes friends with her peers.)