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Oh, a gay raccoon can't have babies?
- Linda Belcher about Little King Trashmouth

Little King Trashmouth is a raccoon who lives in the back alleys of Bob's Burgers. His husband is another raccoon named Gary. Linda Belcher is invested in the King's life and often shares the details with others. He gets mentioned in "Two for Tina" but makes his first physical appearance in "Slumber Party."





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The Belchers[]

Linda and her kids like feeding the King, but as a raccoon, he is cautious around people. Linda enjoys watching the raccoon and dubbed him the raccoon king as she felt they needed a king. She frequently talks to her friend Ginger as well as Teddy about his adventures. Bob for the most part simply views Little King Trashmouth as a wild animal; while not hostile to the raccoon, he nevertheless does not like it when he rummages through the dumpster as the raccoons leave trash everywhere.



Linda Belcher claims that the King and Gary are married. The two have been shown to be close to one another and enjoy the other's company.

Big Baby Pudding Snatcher[]

El Diablo[]

Animal control officer[]


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