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Season 3[]

"Two for Tina"[]

Linda Belcher mentions Little King Trashmouth in "Two for Tina," telling her husband there will be such a thing as a chaperone king as there wasn't a raccoon king in the alley until she picked him out. She also mentions that he is gay and got married to his boyfriend, Gary.

Season 4[]

"Slumber Party"[]

The king makes his physical debut in "Slumber Party" where Linda looks out for him and takes him in after a mangy raccoon she dubs, El Diablo, attacks him. He later escapes from Bob and Linda's bedroom and scurries around the apartment. He is next seen in the bathtub chewing on the plastic bag containing Jessica's wet pajama bottoms. At the end of the episode after Bob, Linda & Teddy capture El Diablo in the alley, King is let back out of the apartment.

Season 7[]

"Eggs for Days"[]

Linda mentions him in "Eggs for Days" when Bob finds Big Baby Pudding Snatcher in the crawl space.

Season 9[]

"Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now"[]

In "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now," Linda mentions that she believes that King and Gary renewed their wedding vows as it was their anniversary.

Season 11[]

"Vampire Disco Death Dance"[]

The King, Gary and Big Baby Pudding Snatcher all appear in "Vampire Disco Death Dance" when Linda decides to serve the raccoons spaghetti after finding a small table and chairs in the alley. Although the raccoons initially seem to enjoy the meal, they soon become hostile and fight amongst each other. To calm them down, Linda allows them to have free reign over the dumpster.

The Bob's Burgers Movie[]

Little King Trashmouth appears briefly in The Bob's Burgers Movie where he scavenges food from Teddy's broken food cart before the handyman attempts to shoo him away.

Season 14[]

"The (Raccoon) King and I"[]

The King plays his largest role in "The (Raccoon) King and I," where he has recently injured his leg (offscreen). Linda attempts to help by calling animal control, believing that they will help him recover before Teddy informs her that animal control's job is to exterminate the animal. A distraught Linda, Teddy and Tina attempt to search for Little King Trashmouth before he is found by animal control, with Linda successfully recovering him inside a wine box. Gary returns after being away (Linda mentioned he likely was at another dumpster), and after a joyful reunion, the two raccoons go off together.

Bob's Burgers Comics[]

The King appears in the Genederella story in Issue 3 along with El Diablo and a raccoon version of Linda. Additionally, he appears wearing Bob's good sock that he gnawed on in "Slumber Party".