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The best part about working here is my dad's total disregard for child labor laws. It feels great to be an accessory to a crime every single day without even trying.
- Louise Belcher

Louise Belcher is the third child and youngest daughter of Bob and Linda Belcher. Her off-balance sense of humor and hunger for conflict makes her somewhat of a liability in the kitchen and often gets her family both into and/or out of tricky situations. Like her siblings, Tina and Gene Belcher, Louise goes to Wagstaff School, where she is a fourth grader.[12]

She is voiced by Kristen Schaal.



Louise has black hair and tan skin like the rest of the family members. She wears her hair in pigtails with chartreuse yellow hair ties. She is almost never seen without wearing her trademark pink rabbit ears. She wears a green dress and black Mary Janes. She is 4' tall (4'7" Including ears).[13] She often wears a smirk on her face.

In "Ear-sy Rider," she wears a blue hooded jacket with the hood up after her hat was stolen. In "Ambergris," she wears the jacket again with the hood down to conceal the ambergris.

For cold weather, Louise wears a cyan cardigan over her everyday outfit. The sweater has four buttons of the same color. She wears pink leggings underneath this outfit when it's winter.

For winter specifically, Louise wears a long purple puffer jacket almost as long as her usual dress. She wears a lilac shirt and pastel violet leggings underneath this. She wears dark sky-blue boots over this (that might be too big for her), and her mittens are the same color.

Her nightwear sometimes consists of a light blue buttoned pajamas, and more often a light blue classic pajama set. She sometimes wears pink or yellow rabbit slippers.

She either wears a pink one-piece swimsuit or a purple monokini with blue shorts and a yellow floating ring.


Louise is a bright, mischievous,[14] yet manipulative and aggressive child, especially considering her place as the youngest in the family. She frequently advises her older siblings (and sometimes adults), and Louise shows no interest in what other girls her age like, especially stickers. ("Slumber Party"). She makes quick-witted remarks, so she displays many signs of premature maturity. These include her tendencies towards being aloof and manipulative but also cunning, logic, and problem-solving skills. She also tends to be very loud and often shouts at the top of her lungs to get her points across.

Despite Louise's mischievous nature, she is not generally malicious. Though she loves a good prank, she never aims to hurt anybody. Despite this, she has gone overboard in episodes like "Topsy," when she almost killed her sister to show her substitute teacher up at the science fair and "Glued, Where's My Bob?" when she glues her father to a toilet before his interview with Coasters magazine.

S3e1 Ear-sy Rider Louise

Louise at her breaking point after losing her pink bunny ears. ("Ear-sy Rider")

Louise highly values her personal space and things and reacts with extreme prejudice when someone invades them. In "Bed & Breakfast," Louise's parents recall when Louise wouldn't talk to Linda after she vacuumed her room. Louise even proclaimed that in the event of her death, nobody was to touch her stuff and that she would leave it all to her ghost ("It Snakes a Village"). Many of her attachments are inanimate objects, especially her Kuchi Kopi nightlight ("Bed & Breakfast," "Crawl Space," and "Flu-ouise"). She is also reluctant to stop using her tricycle despite being too old for it ("As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps"). Louise is highly possessive of her pink bunny ears. She never takes them off. When Logan Bush steals them from her in "Ear-sy Rider," she spends days retrieving them and even calls a biker gang to threaten Logan to give them back.


Louise's Kuchi Kopi nightlight. ("Flu-ouise")

Louise is a fan of Japanese culture. She has many items of Kuchi Kopi merchandise, including her favorite nightlight and toys based on Japanese folklore creatures (Yōkai). She also has an extensive collection of Burobu cards ("Mission Impos-slug-ble"), a parody of Pokémon cards. Louise is also a fan of the Hawk and Chick film franchise ("Hawk & Chick" & "The Hawkening: Look Who's Hawking Now!"). She might also be interested in the Goth subculture because she is fascinated with weird and creepy stuff like spooky plushies and animal skulls and because of her knowledge of Tim Burton films ("Full Bars"). Also, in Gene's story in "The Frond Files," he depicts Louise wearing goth clothing and multiple earrings on her bunny ears.

Montage of Louise's pranks. ("Touch of Eval(uations)")

Louise is one of the "usual baddies" at Wagstaff ("Stop! Or My Mom Will Sleuth"). She loves pranking other people, even if it scares them to death. In "The Cook, the Steve, the Gayle, & Her Lover," Mr. Frond recalls when Louise pretended that a dodgeball incident caused her eye to pop out. Kaylee Morgenstern even came to Louise to help her get suspended by teaching her how to prank. Aside from pranks, Louise knows how to pick locks and is interested in stealing. In "Presto-Tina-O," Louise spends the entire episode learning how to magically steal after seeing a magician do it. Louise also has a pyromaniac tendency and can't resist starting fires, burning, or blowing things up. She states she has matured and moved past this (albeit regressed to this tendency). Louise believes hurting someone with supernatural forces (I.e. Witchcraft) would be more effective than arson, and she even has a book for that cause ("Burger War"). Despite Louise's mischievous nature, she is not generally malicious. Though she loves a good prank, she never aims to hurt anybody. However, Louise can feel bad for her actions, as shown in "Glued, Where's My Bob?" She feels guilty after unintentionally gluing her father to a toilet that costs him an interview, seeing the embarrassment she brought to her father and everyone in town showing up at the restaurant to see the spectacle. Another example is how she realized she would've genuinely hurt Ms. LaBonz's feelings in a cruel student review she wrote about her ("Touch of Eval(uations)").

S3e21 Boyz 4 Now

Louise slapping Boo Boo. ("Boyz 4 Now")

Louise frequently slaps people. She does this when she dislikes someone (like Logan in "Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise") or 'like-likes' a person (like Boo Boo in "Boyz 4 Now" and "Bye Bye Boo Boo"). She even slaps Regular Sized Rudy after their first kiss in "Bob." Louise could have inherited this tendency from her mother, who seems to share the trait.[15]

Despite her unwillingness to admit it, she tends to have a soft spot for the people she cares about. Her recklessness is met with a heart of gold as she tends to help those in need, such as pulling down the pants of one of the O'Brien brothers who picked on Pocket Sized Rudy in "Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda." Louise doesn't show affection often, but when she does, it's usually by coming up with plans to help people when they're in a crunch.

Louise is also very protective of the people she cares about and has a hatred of bullies in particular. She gets revenge on the owner of Ocean Avenue Hi-Fi Emporium after he bans Gene from touching the store's equipment ("Drumforgiven"). Jessica is another friend she is careful to protect, stepping in and saying, "Jessica's getting mixed up with someone who's mixed up, and I don't want to let that happen, "during "Three Girls and a Little Wharfy." After Regular Sized Rudy runs away and ends up at the Belchers' residence in "The Amazing Rudy," Louise walks Rudy back to the restaurant he ran from. She also joins him at his family dinner, an event that makes him anxious after his parent's divorce. However, this protectiveness sometimes clouds her judgement, like when she thought Zeke was the previous victim of bullying by a new kid named Will, she came up with a plan to humiliate Will without full understanding or hearing more the story, not realizing Zeke was the previous bully until he told her. ("Bully-ieve It or Not")

Chloe Barbash calls Louise a "baby." (The Bob's Burgers Movie)

She can be something of a tomboy, often viewing typical "girly" things, like crushes, stickers, and dolls, with disdain ("Boyz 4 Now" & "Slumber Party"). However, Louise questioned why she didn't like standard girl stuff. She felt that it made her unordinary until Tina helped her with her insecurity in "Manic Pixie Crap Show." Louise also hates it when people call her a baby. Louise would've attacked Chloe Barbash at school for calling her a baby in The Bob's Burgers Movie if her siblings weren't holding their sister down. The Bob's Burgers Movie also addresses her internal problem: she doesn't believe she's genuinely brave. Louise thought the only thing giving her courage was her pink bunny ears, but without them, she'd be a coward. In the movie's events, Louise learns to become less dependent on her bunny ears. Louise can also be embarrassed to tell her family things. In "The Plight Before Christmas," she tells her family that she wrote a terrible joke poem for a poetry reading so they wouldn't need to worry about attending the event. However, Louise actually got chosen to speak at the library for an heartfelt ballad she wrote.

Louise always tries to be brave, such as remaining calm at the dentist ("The Kids Run Away") or trying to hold her number two in at an overnight field trip to the aquarium ("Poops!… I Didn't Do It Again").


Louise Bob Linda s6e9 Sacred Couch

Baby Louise's couch fort with young Bob and Linda. ("Sacred Couch")

Main article: Louise Belcher/Story

Louise is the youngest child of Bob and Linda. Her two older siblings are Tina and Gene. She has an extreme trait her other siblings don't have, which she gets from her mother. She likes arson ("Burger Wars"), breaking glass ("The Spider House Rules"), and occasionally stealing ("The Unnatural"). She would do anything to defend her (older) siblings or exact retribution for them. Despite this, Louise has doubts about herself, like why she doesn't like regular girl things ("Manic Pixie Crap Show") or if she's truly brave and if it's just her bunny ears that make her fearless (The Bob's Burgers Movie). Louise discovers revelations most people her age don't due to her maturity, and she wants to have more grown-up responsibilities in the restaurant, like sharpening knives ("To Bob, or Not to Bob"). But as the youngest child of the Belchers, she has to stick with bussing and serving tables for now, and also unwanted extra affection from her parents, especially from her mom.



Louise and her dad get over their fear of going to the restroom in public places. ("Poops!… I Didn't Do It Again")

Bob Belcher[]

Listen, what happened to Hawk and Chick will never happen to us. This Hawk and this Chick will never not talk for 30 years.
Bob Belcher about himself & Louise, "Hawk & Chick"

Louise and Bob have many things in common, and she seems to have acquired Bob's quirk of making inanimate objects talk in "Spaghetti Western & Meatballs," "Weekend at Mort's," and "The Kids Rob a Train." Bob and Louise's relationship strengthens when Bob is the field trip chaperone for Louise's class in "Carpe Museum." In this episode, Louise reveals that she envisions herself taking over the restaurant when her parents retire. Bob and Louise's close relationship can be seen in "Hawk & Chick" when she becomes distraught over the possibility of losing touch with her father as she ages. Louise becomes jealous when Bob pays attention to others, like when she gets upset for caring more about his plants in "Late Afternoon in the Garden of Bob and Louise" than her. Louise can also become jealous of her siblings for taking away her time with her father ("Spaghetti Western and Meatballs").

"Yay! Let's lead everyone away from the restaurant!" (The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee")

The two also share a fear of the dentist ("The Kids Run Away") and watch TV at night together, which they call the "Burn Unit" ("Spaghetti Western and Meatballs") (she may also share his hemophobia since she was afraid to prick a needle into Tina's finger ("Pig Trouble in Little Tina")). They also feared going to the bathroom in public spaces, and because of that, the father-daughter pair believed no one else got them ("Poops!... I Didn't Do It Again").

She likes to joke about her family and her dad's restaurant and doesn't take it seriously. She finds it entertaining to take business away from the burger place. An example of this is in "Seven-tween Again," when she answers the restaurant's phone disgustingly and introduces the establishment as "Bob's Slopshop," or in "The Itty Bitty Ditty Committee," when she and her siblings attract a crowd outside the restaurant with the music they're playing. However, Louise drives them away, saying, "Let's lead everyone away from the restaurant!" In "Human Flesh," she brings one of her dad's burgers into school for show and tell and states the patty comes from human flesh. However, it intentionally made people hate her family, so she apologized to her dad. While she loves teasing her dad, she knows he has his limits. Louise and the rest of the family don't disturb Bob when he's cooking Thanksgiving dinner because he can be a "Thankszilla" ("Stuck in the Kitchen with You"). Bob also understands and respects Louise's boundaries more than Linda. When Linda gives away Louise's room in "Bed & Breakfast" when she turns their apartment into a bed & breakfast, Bob warns that this is a terrible idea.

H. Jon Benjamin, Bob's voice actor, claims that he believes Louise is Bob's favorite child.[16]

S7e19 Thelma & Louise Except Thelma Is Linda Linda Louise

Louise and her mom going out for ice cream together. ("Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda")

Linda Belcher[]

You know, I’m glad you’re so spunky. It’ll be good for you when you’re older. Nobody’s gonna push my Louise around. You’ll be the toughest little cutie in prison.

Linda and Louise love each other, but things can become uneasy when Louise's mom tries to change their relationship or the structure of their family. While Bob recognizes that Louise needs to have her space and be herself, Linda is often overbearing.

The main reason why Linda does this is because of the pressure of being a good mom ("Fight at the Not Okay Chore-ral"). The franchise first shows this in "Mother Daughter Laser Razor," when Linda takes them to a mother-daughter seminar at The Nurture Center to "repair" their relationship. This episode also shows that Louise has always been a daddy's girl since she was a baby, but the episode helps Louise treat her mom better, and Linda to give Louise some space. However, they still do sometimes clash. In "Fight at the Not Okay Chore-Ral," Louise rallies her siblings to resist their parent's chores. The conflict between Louise and Linda makes the mother cry, so Louise apologizes to her mother. Linda also says sorry because she only wanted her kids to do chores so suddenly because of her mom, Gloria. They agree that Louise and her siblings will do their chores for candy.

Linda helping her daughter with her report on Mother's Day. ("Amelia")

While Louise rejects most of her hugs and kisses and passes them to Gene, there are some ways Louise's mom expresses their love to her. "Eat, Spray, Linda" shows that Louise and Linda go to a pet store to pet the puppies. Louise knows an employee there and a puppy she always pets, Colonel Fluffles. Linda was also the one who made Louise's hat. Linda knitted Louise's pink beanie because she was scared of pre-school, and because Louise showed how brave she was on the first day, Linda added bunny ears to commemorate it (The Bob's Burgers Movie). Louise wears the hat every day.

They are undeniably very alike, sharing a love of mischief and a tendency to take things too far. Linda knows how to pump Louise up more than Bob. The mother-daughter pair have a love for arson and breaking things. They like influencing the other Belchers with their method, like in "Li'l Hard Dad," when they try to teach Tina how to cheat on her reading report. They also influence each other. In "The Unnatural," Louise teaches Linda how to cheat, and Linda finds it fun and exciting. Bob and Linda agree that Louise gets her 'crazy' from Linda's side of the family ("The Kids Run Away"). Still, they share a strong sense of justice, as illustrated in "Thelma & Louise Except Thelma is Linda." While both are intense, they have strong morals and will help anyone who needs it.

Louise Tina s12e7 Loft in Bedslation

Louise making her sister hold a two-by-four as she drills it. ("Loft in Bedslation")

Tina Belcher[]

Louise, I know we're not always going to want to do the same things, but I'll always have your back.

Although four years younger than her sister Tina, Louise and Tina spend most of their time together with Gene, even eating lunch at school. Like Gene, Louise often accompanies Tina to events with her friends despite being much younger.

Louise finds it easy to manipulate Tina, and with Gene, they blackmail their older sister at every moment available. However, when Louise makes Tina partake in her schemes, Louise's older sister can be a voice of reason/conscience that reigns in her little sister and teaches her lessons about growing up. An example of this happens in "The Show (and Tell) Must Go On," where Louise forces Tina to help her find a cannonball in a cave. When they can't, Tina tells Louise it'd be better and relatable if she told a class about her failure instead of making a fake cannonball to pretend she found one.

Tina rejects a standing ovation to be at her sister's poetry reading. ("The Plight Before Christmas")

As Tina's only girl sibling, Tina likes sharing her girly interests with Louise, with much resistance from Louise at first. When Tina was upset she couldn't go to a Boyz4Now concert, Louise took pity and helped her sister go to the show without adult help, only planning to get Tina there and then return home ("Boyz 4 Now"). However, Louise becomes obsessed with Boo Boo, a member of the band, and she doesn't understand why. Along with her infatuation with Boo Boo, she has other interests she believes most girls her age don't have and thinks that means something's wrong with her. However, as someone who's been through what Louise has, Tina teaches her that it's okay to be different.

Since they always hang out outside school, Tina knows more about Louise than their parents, and when Bob and Linda are busy, Tina has to fill in for them. In "The Plight Before Christmas," Linda and Bob couldn't go to Louise's poetry reading because they had to go to Tina's play and Gene's recital simultaneously. Because of this, Louise pretended she had a funny poem about poop that she was going to read, making it seem much less important than what Tina and Gene were doing so their parents didn't have to worry about her. However, Louise hid her actual poem, an earnest ballad of her family that she was too embarrassed to read. Tina is the only one to realize this. Louise's older sister tried making their mom and dad go to the reading, but neither could. Without her mom knowing, Tina ran to the library alone to attend Louise's event, and Tina's presence gave Louise the courage to read her poem.

Louise and her brother compete for their dad's tooth. ("Dr. Yap (Episode)")

Gene Belcher[]

(hugging Louise) I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

Gene is Louise's older brother, but as addressed in the episode "Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?", he doesn't do traditional big brother stuff. Louise usually protects Gene from danger, and she feels like she's obligated to. Most of the time, she doesn't trust Gene to make his own decisions, which can be frustrating for Louise's brother. In "Drumforgiven," Louise wouldn't let him resolve his conflict with Dino, the Ocean Avenue Hi-Fi Emporium owner, in his own way until Gene forces her to let him. However, she does learn to trust her brother and let him protect himself at the end of the episode.

Gene takes a Reverse Norwegian Stink Hold for his sister. ("Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?")

Despite their serious disputes, they are closer than most siblings and choose to spend most of their free time in and out of school together with their older sister, Tina. They even sit together at lunch, where the two play "food court" in "Spaghetti Western and Meatballs." They like to hold competitions with each other, like who can make the most disgusting drink ("Dr. Yap") or who can make the best burger ("Tappy Tappy Tappy Tap Tap Tap"). Gene usually follows Louise in her schemes, and with his little sister, he becomes more mischievous and manipulative. That happens in "Bad Tina," when Louise and Gene both hide in Tina's room and see her bring her friends and boys over and when they discover Tina got a (temporary) tattoo. They blackmail their big sister both times to get her to do their chores.

He's generally friendlier and more forgiving without her, like how he instantly forgave Tina for detaining Louise and him without prior forethought with Louise ("Midday Run"). With Gene, the sister-brother pair blackmail and manipulate Tina whenever they can, but sometimes Louise uses her brother in her schemes. On rare occasions, her brother protests her plans, like in episodes "It Snakes a Village" and "Stand by Gene." In "It Snakes a Village," his ophidiophobia gets to him, and he wouldn't help his sisters find a snake, but he does save them in the end. He resists most of her schemes because of his fears, like in "Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street," when he and Tina wouldn't go into the haunted mansion to find the thief who stole their candy. Gene acts more like a big brother to Louise after the events of "Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?" when Gene defends Louise from Logan at the end of the episode. When Logan was about to give Louise a Reverse Norwegian Stink Hold, she started crying, so Gene allowed himself to receive it instead of Louise. In The Bob's Burgers Movie, he helps Tina hold Louise down so their little sister doesn't attack Chloe Barbash.

Love interests[]

Boo Boo[]

Louise has palpably insane feelings for a pint-sized pop star. Louise swoons for Boo Boo—the moment where Louise strokes her computer screen while swearing she will have her reunion with Boo Boo. Most of this is just a retread of Louise’s original encounter with "Boyz 4 Now." Louise’s crush can fit in with the rest of her character, as Louise repeatedly recognizes how disgustingly out-of-character her feelings are. Louise clearly hates this about herself, yet she is far too overwhelmed to deny her crush, which opens up yet another vein in "Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now."


Vlcsnap-2023-10-10-18h13m13s857 orig

Regular Sized Rudy[]

Louise was first introduced to Rudy in "Carpe Museum" after being paired with him for a field trip. Despite having almost no choice in their partnership, Louise and Rudy appear to connect quickly, the latter even assisting the former in heckling Mr. Frond on the bus.

In "The Kids Rob a Train," a scheming Louise includes Rudy in her plans to rob the train's chocolate. While running parallel to the train, Rudy suggests that Louise hands over the chocolate so he and the other Belcher kids could pull her through the window. Though hesitant, Louise decides to trust Rudy and allow him to help her. When they're all consuming melted chocolate, Rudy jokingly fakes an allergic reaction. Out of all the Belcher kids, Louise shows an especially distressed reaction by being the first to approach him. When Rudy reveals it to be a farce, the youngest Belcher responds by lightly kicking him in the leg.

Although Louise shows a soft spot for Rudy, she makes it abundantly clear that she has no problem teasing her asthmatic classmate, as shown in episodes such as "Friends with Burger-fits" and "Dawn of the Peck."

The show has never actually suggested a romance before, which makes it all the more impressive how quickly they commit to the idea once it’s out there in "Bob Actually." The episode cleverly subverts Louise’s—and at least some of the audience’s—expectations by having Rudy actually carry a torch for someone else, which lets Louise move from weird, bad feelings like attraction and love and into much clearer, easier emotions like jealousy and rage.

Louise decides to meet him after school in "Bob Actually." She then tells him that Chloe (Rudy's valentine interest) will not show up because she is not in love with him and she surprises him by kissing him on the mouth. Afterwards she slaps him and threatens him so he will not tell anyone about their kiss or she will "end him".

Louise will sometimes call Rudy "Buddy" and can be heard calling him that in episodes like "As I Walk Through the Alley of the Shadow of Ramps" and "Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien." She also called him "Rudy-Rudes" while trying to comfort him about his ruined birthday. ("House of 1000 Bounces")

BobsBurgers 922 PrankYouForBeingAFrient Promo 03

Kaylee Morganstern[]

Kaylee made her first appearance in "A Fish Called Tina" as Tina's preferred 'Little Fish' in the Big-Fish Little-Fish mentoring activity. Although she didn’t make much of an impression on Louise during that time, in "Prank You for Being a Friend," she comes in aid of Louise asking her for help on how to get into trouble, so that she could get homeschooled. By the end of the episode, however, Louise realizes that Kaylee had the wrong reasons to leave Wagstaff, as she had only wanted to leave so that she could be alone and not have to talk to anyone anymore. She calls off what would have been ‘the greatest prank the world will never see’ and ends up befriending Kaylee.


Louise & Jessica Wharfy 3

In "Slumber Party," Linda is shocked that Louise has never been to a slumber party and wants her daughter to have a best girl friend, like Ginger. Linda invites several girls over and Louise scares all of them off except Jessica. Louise, partially influenced by her hatred of the forced sleepover, believes Jessica to be a boring individual. However, this soon changes after they bond over Jessica's spy-like mission to retrieve her pajama pants. Louise is impressed with her lock-picking skills and pillow fighting. In return, Jessica appreciates Louise's lack of judgment over her bedwetting tendencies. Louise decides she likes Jessica and wants to continue a sleepover with her.

In "Three Girls and a Little Wharfy", Jessica and Louise hang out once again. She gets jealous that Jessica has been hanging out with Fifth Grade Megan. Louise thinks that Megan is crazy and doesn't want her to get 'poor, sweet Jessica' dragged into that stuff.

Jessica would be Louise's first female friend, as she usually just hangs out with her siblings, or boys that share her similar tomboyish interests like Burobu.

In “Apple Gore-chard! (But Not Gory)” we see Jessica and Louise riding on the bus together, and they seem specifically close in this episode.

BobsBurgers 913 ThreeGirlsAndALittleWharfy 11 04


Initially, Louise was skeptical of Megan since she believed the fifth-grader was a "psycho-crazy" girl who was "pulling Jessica into a black hole of cuckoo-ness" since Megan is reputable for coming up with rumors ("Three Girls and a Little Wharfy"). However, throughout "Three Girls and a Little Wharfy," Louise befriends Megan while helping try to find the mythical Wharfy with Jessica. Although they could not find Wharfy, Louise suggested they try to continue finding Wharfy as "four like-minded individuals that want to find a sea monster," including April Buzzby, a woman who helped them with their Wharfy hunt and whom they also befriended.


Andy and Ollie Pesto[]

Through Louise's manipulation or their sheer willingness, the Pesto twins have consistently found themselves involved in Louise's schemes and/or mishaps. In "Art Crawl," the boys are recruited (borderline enslaved) by Louise to produce art for monetary gain. By the end of the episode, Louise shows no remorse towards her actions and continues to lord her power over them.

She also uses them as “Test subjects” in “Presto Tina-o” for her pick-pocketing. Unfortunately for her, Ollie exclaims “Andy! Someone’s trying to steal your candy!” Resulting in Louise screaming that she was so close. Then Andy and Ollie continue hugging.


Arnold Evans[]



Chloe Barbash[]

Louise vs

Chloe makes her first appearance in "Bob Actually" where Regular Sized Rudy buys her a weed for Valentine's Day from Zeke and asks Louise Belcher to give it to her. Rudy later reveals that he wants to kiss her on the playground after school. Chloe refuses to meet Rudy after school after Louise realizes that Chloe is only acting flirty for quiz answers. Despite Chloe’s poor treatment of Rudy, he is still shown to have a crush on her in subsequent episodes, much to Louise’s annoyance.

Louise Chloe Harley The Bob's Burgers Movie

In "The Bob's Burgers Movie" she appears as an antagonistic role and is unafraid to get involved in a confrontation, such as taunting Louise over her rabbit ears despite calling her a baby until she did the dead man drop.




Logan Bush[]


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