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Mario D'Anna Jr. is a director at Bento Box Entertainment.


D'Anna started his career as a model designer and storyboard artist on Animaniacs and spin-off Pinky and the Brain before moving to Nickelodeon and working on Angry Beavers and CatDog.

D'Anna joined Bento Box first working on the short-lived Neighbors from Hell and joined Bob's Burgers while Season 1 was in production. D'anna has worked as a storyboard artist and storyboard revisionist. He was promoted to assistant director in 2017 and to direct episodes in 2018 with "The Ring (But Not Scary)" being his first episode.[1] In 2019, D'Anna temporarily left working on Bob's Burgers to work on either Central Park or The Great North, both upcoming productions with Loren Bouchard involved.[2]

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