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Season 4[]

"Presto Tina-o"[]

In "Presto Tina-o," Mars Sazeerac arrives at Bob's Burgers, having seen the half price offer Bob Belcher put up for magicians. He performs a trick to prove himself and invites his other magician friends in to dine. After three hours, they only order some fries between them as Bob gets angry and forces them to pay full price as a result of their loitering. Sazerac then magically makes Bob's name appear in his enemies of magic book. This causes a curse to be set on Bob. After learning that Sazerac is hosting the young magicians competition, Bob sneaks in to his dressing room, starts licking his cold cuts and rips out the page in his book replacing it with a salami.

After Louise successfully picks his pocket after trying to pick one throughout the episode, Bob shows the family the salami he put in the book, but finds an instruction to read the back of the page he tore out; it contains a note. He reveals through the note that he let Louise steal the book so they would definitely see the note. He adds that he farted on the meat that Bob licked.