Bob's Burgers character
Gender Female
Hair Black
Occupation Former assistant to the Mayor
Relatives Lisa (sister)
Unnamed mother
Behind the scenes
First "I Bob Your Pardon"
Voiced by Lennon Parham

Marsha was an assistant to the mayor. She appears in "I Bob Your Pardon" assisting Deputy Mayor Daniel Cunningham. She is put in charge of taking Drew P. Neck to the slaughterhouse before the Belchers save it by retrieving it from her car and reporter Ralph recording her mentioning it going to the slaughterhouse while she is on the phone.

She bribes Ralph with an exclusive interview with the mayor in exchange for the turkey but he refuses. She then calls on the Deputy Mayor to stop them from getting the turkey to a farm but after Bob persuades her to "do the right thing, she announces she's quitting her job and prepares to go visit her family for Thanksgiving.

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