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  • A merkin is a term for a pubic wig. Traditionally, these were worn by sex workers to combat pubic lice or to hide STDs. In contemporary use, films have used merkins to meet contracts on nudity or for on-camera purposes.
  • She is the shortest adult character on the show.
  • A character very similar in appearance to her appears playing piano during "Electric Love" in "Topsy". She has shorter hair, doesn't wear glasses and doesn't wear her pants high, but otherwise, their appearances are identical.
  • She appears to be very adept at playing many musical instruments including piano, ukulele, guitar and percussion.
  • She's been working at Wagstaff for at least 24 years. ("Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl")
  • She is Gene and Courtney's favorite teacher. ("The Plight Before Christmas")
  • Gene claims that she's in Mensa. ("The Plight Before Christmas")