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Megan is a fifth-grade student at Wagstaff School. Megan is eleven years old, although she describes herself as an "old ten."



She has large, dark brown curly hair. In her one appearance in "Three Girls and a Little Wharfy," she wears a blue turtleneck and lavender shorts. She always wears her red backpack with only one strap.


Megan is a skeptic. She wants to believe that she's still ten years old, and she believes in what Louise calls "all kinds of crazy stuff," such as the school lunch lady being Kathy Bates studying for a role and that "number two pencils are made out of real number twos." Her imagination might be fueled by her desire to stay young, as she still wants to believe she's ten.


She appears in "Three Girls and a Little Wharfy," where Louise later joins her and Jessica in the hunt for the mythical Wharfy. She helped by baking fried dough as bait. However, they don't find Wharfy, but the three become friends with April Buzzby.


Season 10[]



  • She is also called "Fifth-grade Megan" to avoid confusion with a seventh-grade Megan.
  • She wears her pajamas every day even to school except for sleeping.