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Meshugaas State Park is park that the Belchers visit in "A River Runs Through Bob". Almost the entire episode is set in the park.

The family go camping there because Tina was sick when her Thundergirl troop went camping and is going on a make-up trip with the family in tow.

When they arrive, the ranger advises them of the high river, dangerous squirrels and that budget cuts have led to the ranger being the only employee at the park who proceeds to drive away as soon as the Belchers enter.


The tip of Mt. Wang

The park contains a mountain, Mt. Wang; named for William Archibald Wang, a Chinese diplomat who was the first to summit the mountain.

The park is also home to a couple who've been camping there for forty months.


  • The park's name is Yiddish slang for madness.
  • The park's motto is "Camp at your own risk."