Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 26
Occupation Ride operator at Wonder Wharf

Pedi-cab driver

Behind the scenes
First "Bob Day Afternoon"
Voiced by Bill Hader
Mickey is a former bank robber who makes attempts to clean up. In his first appearance in Bob Day Afternoon he attempts to rob the bank across the street from Bob's Burgers. During the incident, he befriends the Belcher family.

When Bob hears the news, he is ordered to serve burgers to Mickey at the bank. Bob is given an armor vest for protection, as the police plan to snipe Mickey as he grabs the burgers. Later, Louise calls Mickey and starts to interview him for a school paper she is writing. Mickey happily agrees to let her interview him.

After Mr. Frond asks Mickey what his plan was supposed to be after he got the money, he admits that it is his first robbery that he did without his friend, Rodney. He then calls up his friend who lives in a Halfway House and asks him what he should do.

Bob offers to help Mickey get to Bob's Burgers without getting shot at. Mickey then admits to Bob that he is afraid that his pants will be pulled down when he gets tackled by the police.

Mickey gets eight years but is released after it is discovered that the judge was on methamphetamines during the trial after he drove his car into a peacock sanctuary.

In Bob Fires the Kids, Bob hires him to work at his restaurant when he lets the kids go due to him having a bad childhood. He regrets his decision when finding out that Mickey is making a hole in the basement to attempt another bank robbery when claiming that he would be in double jeopardy, not knowing what the term means.

Since Ambergris, Mickey has worked as a ride operator at Wonder Wharf, although he is not very good at his job. In Dawn of the Peck, he abandons the Belcher kids, Rudy and the Pesto Twins on the ride when deranged turkeys invade Wonder Wharf, but helps Linda and Teddy stop the ride. In Wharf Horse, he lets Louise on to the Scream-i-cane even though she is too short to ride.

He also drives a pedi-cab during festivals and at weekends, as seen in Best Burger.


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It is initially assumed that Mickey is deranged, violent and insane, but it turns out that Mickey is actually friendly, nice, witty, while also having a short temper. Mickey easily shows a strong dislike for cops especially when he mocks their "scrunched up faces and stupid arms." Mickey can also be perky, though he does show the same temper as a criminal.

Mickey also enjoys acting, such as when he pretends to be a banker and breaks the hostages' money. When Louise asks him other questions, Mickey says that his hero is Superman, his favorite pig-out food is "potato chips when I'm sad, chocolate if I'm bad" and his advice to children is to stay in school. Mickey seems to enjoy jokes and he loves Bob's Burgers. Much to the enjoyment of Bob , Mickey dislikes Jimmy Pestos' pizza, even shooting multiple times at the pizza boxes and saying that Jimmy Pesto's pizza is "crap."

After his release Mickey, reveals his intentions to go straight and get a barn. But he believes that in order to go straight, he needs to carry out another crime that will get him money.

He is still shown to have criminal instincts such as in Best Burger, when he gets into a turf war with a fellow pedi-cab driver, Manny. In the same episode, the kids admit they stole black garlic from Fig Jam, and Mickey obliges to take them to the festival even though he is ferrying Ron to the library.


Mickey has red-brown hair, a grey shirt, a thin mustache, a small goatee and blue pants. While in jail, Mickey wears an orange jumpsuit.



"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, we broke your five!"-Mickey playing broker

"Hey, I'm gonna shoot somebody!"-Mickey, upset when one of the cops pretended to be Louise

"That's my Rodney."-Mickey, on the phone with Rodney

"Sorry to eat and run..."-Mickey's line before he runs from the restaurant when the Tear Gas bomb goes off

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