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If dust hits the ground and no one's around to hear it, does it make a sound?
- Millie Frock

Millie Frock is a fourth-grade student at Wagstaff School. Millie is obsessed with Louise Belcher and would have done anything to keep her to herself. Millie's room is also almost exactly like Louise's, and she knows virtually everything she's doing. Although they are now friends, Louise is still cautious around her, and Millie's actions concern many people around her. She makes her first appearance in "Fort Night."

She is voiced by Molly Shannon.



Millie has curly blonde hair which she wears in two large pigtails and has a pronounced overbite and most of the time she has a disturbing ear to ear smile. In "Fort Night," she wears a pink rabbit costume for trick or treating. In "The Millie-churian Candidate," she wears a lilac purple shirt, darker purple shorts, white socks and gray shoes. She also wears this outfit in the end credits for "Glued, Where's My Bob?."

In "The Silence of the Louise," she wears a dark blue shirt and lilac purple shorts. It is also revealed that she is now wearing orthodontic headgear to correct her overbite.

In "Fingers-loose," she returns to wearing her original outfit and is no longer wearing headgear.


For some reason, she is obsessed with Louise and desperately wants to be Louise's best friend. She stalks Louise and antagonizes her when Louise opposes her advances. She loves Louise possibly more than anyone else despite Louise's hostility towards her. She usually sports a giant grin from ear to ear and maintains a very cheerful, but creepy and obsessive demeanor.

She speaks quietly, but constantly, and rarely lets others say a word. She also seems to be totally indifferent to the people around her except for Louise. Although they are close to Louise, she doesn't care about Tina or Gene, referring to them as "not-Louise girl" and "not-Louise boy," respectively. When someone interrupts or pushes her too far (typically by Louise), she loses her cheerful disposition, becomes sociopathic and most of the time stops smiling, stopping at nothing to get her way. Millie also displays intimidating tendencies, such as sneaking up on Louise while she is at her locker, leaving Louise and her siblings and friends trapped in their fort and holding the needle end of a Millie button dangerously close to Louise's face when Millie ran for president. She also has displayed other hints of criminal recklessness, such as when joining Louise and Rudy in counterfeiting clay coins for a class, she notes she feels no regret when it was discovered and nearly cost the class a party, only feeling a rush of adrenaline when committing the acts, and even when caught, tried to convince Louise and Rudy to start counterfeiting actual currency. Unlike Louise, Millie can become outright violent if she doesn't get her way, such as strangling a girl with her own hair or head-butting a man dressed as a gnome during an activity designed for young girls.

Despite her apparent ignorance of Louise's insults and demands from her that she leave her alone, she on some level seems to know how her own behavior drives Louise crazy. As she continues to push Louise's buttons, Louise acts increasingly irrational, and Millie uses this to her advantage to make others feel sorry for her, such as during presidential class elections or when naming the chinchilla class pet. She also has no problem with ignoring Louise the latter is an authority figure, again such as during their clay coin counterfeiting scheme when Louise told her not to use her own poorly shaped coins at all.

Besides wanting to be friends with Louise, she also wants to be near her all the time, dress alike, do everything together, etc. In short, to never be separated from her. Millie even decorated her bedroom to look exactly like Louise's.


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Her dad[]

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Belcher Family[]

Because of her obsessive demeanor, the Belchers are unnerved if not outright terrified of Millie. Louise in particular openly does not like her, despite the fact that Millie believes they are best friends (or at least nemeses, which Louise also denies). While Louise frequently avoids her, there have been a few times where she's had fun with Millie, although these times are far and few in-between. Louise's fear and anger towards Millie has been seen as so extreme to the point where people feel uncomfortable and sorry for Millie, usually allowing Millie to get her way.

Tina and Gene, while uncomfortable around Millie, are not as hostile to her as Louise is. Tina often tries to be at least cordial to Millie, although Millie rarely responds to her at all. Millie doesn't care about either of them, to the point where she doesn't even address them by their names, simply calling them "Not-Louise Girl" and "Not-Louise Boy". She cares so little for them that they were essentially the only thing about Louise she didn't tell her parents about.

While she has had little direct interaction with Bob and Linda, she knows their names and who they are. Linda says upon their first meeting that she thinks Millie seemed "fun".

Regular Sized Rudy[]

Wagstaff faculty[]

Phillip Frond[]

Frond is aware of Millie's more disturbing qualities but is willing to give her the benefit of the doubt if necessary. He openly encouraged her to run for school president, only putting his foot down once Millie began strangling Abby Haddington. Millie has flipped Mr. Frond off at least once, to the guidance counselor's horror ("Fingers-loose").


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