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Season 4[]

"Fort Night"[]

Millie Frock first appears in "Fort Night" where she tries to get Louise Belcher to go trick or treating with her. Louise tries to avoid doing so, but after she, her siblings, Andy and Ollie Pesto, and Darryl become trapped in a fort, Louise insults her and Millie decides not to help them get out. After they are eventually freed from the fort, they trick Millie into thinking she killed them and take her candy after she runs.

Season 5[]

"The Millie-churian Candidate"[]

In "The Millie-churian Candidate," Henry Haber suggests that Millie should run for student president to gain control over Louise. Her agenda includes creating a Besties system that means she would become Louise's bestie through alphabetical order according to the first name being applied. After finding out that she and Louise would not be besties as Abby's real name is Mabel, she becomes furious and strangles Abby with her own braid, leading to her getting disqualified.

Season 7[]

"Mom, Lies, and Videotape"[]

Millie takes part in the Mother's Day and Primary Caregivers Appreciation cabaret in "Mom, Lies, and Videotape" and also appears in Louise's The Town with No Moms story.

Season 8[]

"The Silence of the Louise"[]

In "The Silence of the Louise," Louise visits Millie to ask about Mr. Frond's therapy dolls being attacked; Millie agrees to help Louise in exchange for playdates. She stretches out the playdates giving Louise little information on the case just to keep Louise near her. She later confesses that she only really wanted a friend and Louise agrees to continue their newfound friendship after Millie makes Louise realize that Frond himself destroyed the dolls because they were his, using an analogy based on Old Yeller.