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Boys? Shrug. What else you got? And don't say horses.
- Mona Habercore

Mona Habercore is an anthology version of Tina Belcher in an anthology universe created by herself in "Sliding Bobs." She's the oldest child of Hugo and Linda Habercore and the sister of Dean and Charlize Habercore. She used to work at Hugo's Hot Dogs with her family before it got shut down.

She is voiced by Dan Mintz.



She looks physically the same as Tina Belcher, except for her hair. She inherited her blonde hair from her father, and her bangs are a little different, resembling Hugo's. Her regular outfit is also the same as her real counterpart, and the only difference is that her barrette is green instead of yellow.


Mona has the same deadpan personality as Tina Belcher, but the big difference is that she is cold towards boys, horses, and zombies, the main things her real counterpart treasures. She is also very dismissive of these subjects, such as when her mom tells her that Jimmy Jr. wants to take her to a zombie movie, she scoffs at the idea.


On May 5th, Mona prepares to help Hugo's Hot Dogs on this busy holiday weekend and her parents' anniversary day. Her father talks about Mona's "appropriate level of interests in boys," which annoys her a little that he brought up boys because of how little she cares about them. She challenges her father to say something that would actually interest her, telling him not to bother with horses.

Later, she starts sweeping around the restaurant. Her mother gets off the phone and tells her that Jimmy Jr. wants to take her to a new zombie movie tonight. Mona is dismissive of this idea, sarcastically suggesting that she'd only ever be interested in going on a date with Jimmy Jr. to see a zombie movie in a parallel universe. The health inspectors, Bob Belcher and Ron, enter the building and introduce themselves to the Habercores.

When Bob and Ron shut her family's restaurant down after confirming that they had been making their hot dogs out of actual dogs, Mona and her siblings wave goodbye to the health inspectors.



Hugo Habercore[]

Linda Habercore[]

Dean Habercore[]

Charlize Habercore[]


Bob Belcher[]


Jimmy Pesto, Jr.[]



  • Her barrette is likely green instead of yellow to avoid clashing with her hair.


Boys? Shrug. What else you got? And don't say horses.
— to Hugo Habercore
Ugh. Jimmy Junior? Zombies? (scoffs) Maybe in a parallel universe.
— to Linda Habercore


  1. 1.0 1.1 Since the story is supposed to mirror "Human Flesh," Mona likely had the same responsibilities Tina had, including working the grill. She is also likely twelve as Tina only turned thirteen in "Sheesh! Cab, Bob?"


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