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My friend Monica... one time, she ditched me at the food court to hang out with the other cheerleaders. I had so many free samples of sesame chicken, I can't eat it to this day.
- Linda Belcher about Monica

Monica was a student and cheerleader at Cardinal Gennaro High School. She attended the school with Linda Belcher and Gayle Genarro, and she used to be Linda's best friend. She makes her first and only appearance in "Gene It On," but she gets mentioned in "Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's."

She is voiced by Carrie Clifford.





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After high school, she went to college on a cheerleading scholarship and then became a professional cheerleader for a while ("Gene It On").



Bob Belcher[]

Linda Belcher[]

Damn you, Monica!

She was best friends with Linda Belcher until she became a cheerleader. She started mistreating Linda, like flaking out on Linda to hang out with her cheerleader friends ("Gene It On"). It was enough that even Gayle noticed how badly Monica treated her older sister ("Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's"). Despite this, Linda seems to stay friends with her for a while because Monica is pretty, and Gayle claims that pretty people are Linda's weakness ("Lorenzo's Oil? No, Linda's").

When they meet again in "Gene It On" at the Regional Cheer Finals at Kingshead Island Middle School, Monica doesn't remember Linda at first. But when she does, she doesn't seem to hold any animosity to Linda and even continues catching up with Linda throughout the finals.



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