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Bob's Burgers character
Gender Male
Behind the scenes
First "Sacred Cow"
Voiced by Todd Barry

Moolisa is a cow that Randy Watkins leaves outside Bob's Burgers while making a documentary on the beef industry. Bob is given five days to decide whether to send Moolisa to the slaughterhouse or save him. During this time, Bob has reservations about killing the cow and ends up feeling sorry for Moolisa, taking him inside the apartment. However, Linda refuses and takes it back outside leading to the cow being stolen by a couple for their petting zoo. Not long after Moolisa is rescued from the zoo, he suddenly dies of a heart attack. In a subconscious dream sequence of Bob's, Moolisa tells Bob to make burgers from his beef and they share a kiss. Bob later dedicates his 100,000th burger (named the Rest in Peas burger) to him.


  • Moolisa is the first animal character to be featured in the series and the first character to die onscreen.
  • Although the name leads one to believe Moolisa is a girl, during the course of the episode, it is revealed that he is a bull.
  • In reality, he couldn't talk due to being an animal; though in the aforementioned fantasy sequence, he is voiced by Todd Barry.
  • Randy glued a blonde wig on him to look human.